What To Look For In A Good Quality CAD Printer

If you are a design or architectural firm in need of being able to print out wide-format CAD drawings to maximum efficiency and quality, then you will naturally be interested in finding the best quality wide format CAD printer.

There are a wide range of companies around that offer CAD, architectural, technical, GIS & AEC related printers. They sell a wide range of printers that are capable of printing engineering, technical, AEC construction, CAD and GIS drawings and renderings.

Choosing the best CAD printer from those that are available

The right CAD printer will allow you to create highly impactful posters, training materials and project plans without having to outsource your work.

There are a wide range of high quality, large format printers available for busy corporate environments undertaking work such as GIS and CAD. Such printers may make printer and job management simpler by having an in-built hard disc drive and a printer driver to ensure optimum printer efficiency, such as by storing repeat print jobs for easier management. The best CAD printer may also incorporate such features as the capability to print sharper, thinner lines and high black density for CAD plan production; an economy mode that allows for more cost-effective printing; great colour output with brilliant text and less abrasion; high quality graphics with vivid colours and good image consistency; the ability to print at incredibly fast speeds such as A0 prints in under a minute; a HDI Driver for CAD applications; a large LCD with graphics so that it can be easily operated; and the incorporation of a high performance, high durability cutter for a professional finish.

The ideal CAD printer may also be compact and quiet, allowing for the output rather than the noise to be what really grabs the attention. It may also be able to increase its productivity with consecutive printing, such as by being able to print 10 A1 pages in just a few minutes.

What to look for in a CAD printer online store

There are several features of the best websites that can sell you a good quality CAD printer. They should have a search feature on their site that simplifies the process of finding a good CAD printer, allowing you to specify the brand, the size, the price and your usage.

They should give you access to some of the leading brands such as Hewlett Packard, Epson and Canon. They should also help you to choose the right size of printer such as A0, A1, A2 or A3. If you find what you want, you should be able to purchase the model from them instantly online. If you don’t know exactly what you want, and require some more advice, they should be available by phone to discuss your best options with you.

They should sell a broad range of CAD printers so that you need never look for another online store. The online store should also sell, alongside the printers, everything else that you’ll need to get the best out of your printer, such as print heads and cartridges and CAD papers.

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