Three reasons why us…

Since we began in 1991, naturally different types of clients choose us, and then stay with us, for different reasons. Yet, when we ask clients for their feedback on the Design Supply service, three common points emerge.


The quality of our service.
“You have not only sold me a printer but you have kitted me up to be able to use that printer independently and to most people with a disability, independence is priceless.”

The speed of our service

“Delivery to me on the Isle of Skye was within 24hrs. THAT’S SERVICE!”

The approach of our staff

“Once the sale was completed, he even phoned to make sure I had received my new Canon printer and was satisfied with it.
And whether your primary need is for CAD, Graphic, or Solvent, – for a machine or for supplies – our large format experience can make a big, big difference to your large format experience.


Want to see more? Click on the video below to have a look behind the scenes.

“Delivery to me on the Isle of Sky was within 24hrs.