Tamara Wolfe

I have been an Account Manager for 7 years because I love to build relationships with my clients and assist with their day-to-day needs.

In my spare time I work with a charity named Under One Sky where we go out in London to feed the homeless and provide necessary items to those in need.

I am also a Make Up artist that specialises in special effects hence why Halloween is my favourite time of year!

Justin Bailey

I have been in sales for over 7 years, and I have a big passion for delivering friendly customer service. I’m here to work with you and recommend the best media and consumables for your printers. I’m a Manchester United supporter and a big fan of F1!

Alistair Wright

I have a special set of skills that have evolved over 38 years, meaning I can point you to the right solution for all your large format printing needs and media applications. I started this business at home in 1991. I have a passion for customer service. To me that is everything, and if you check our reviews, you can see that my team deliver this time and time again. Over the years I’ve sold many printing technologies from ammonia blue prints, to pen plotters, to where we are today and the amazing technology of inkjet printing. I have a passion for cricket but don't ask me about football!

Kevin Wilson

It's all very well us selling you the right solution, but I make sure you have all the paperwork in place, so if there is a problem we can resolve it quickly.

James Wilson

Over fifteen years now at Design Supply. I can advise on media, consumables and virtually anything else you require. We can recommend products that make your images look incredible, I do support West Ham - but don’t hold that against me, it’s a family thing! I also love my cricket, working as a team and passing on my knowledge and experience when required.

Christopher Fearon

Over ten years now at Design Supply. My speciality is planchests and I have supplied hundreds of these all over the world. Media and paper are another expertise. I can recommend products that make your images look incredible. I love F1 and am now the designated company mechanic.

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