Rowe VarioFold Compact

The revolution of flexible and modular folding system is now available – the all new Rowe Variofold Compact.

Offline becomes online – at any time.

A variety of modules enables configuration of the VarioFold Compact to meet your specific requirements. Worldwide unique and patented: it can be extended from offline to online with minimum outlay, even after it has already been put into operation. It means offline becomes online at any time.

  • Height adjustable floorstand with Front Delivery Tray
  • Connection KIT for online mode for different printers
  • Base unit in a trendsetting design
  • Alu Spaceframe construction – extremely light and torsion-resistant
  • Different upgrade KITs and APPS for user-specific folding programs and package widths up to 420 mm
  • Makes unsupervised folding possible
  • KIT UNLIMITED – endless folding without intermediate layer
  • Tablestand – space-saving stand for the use on a suitable table

1. Base Unit with future oriented design
Basic module of the VarioFold Compact with aluminum space frame construction. This makes the base unit extremely light and torsion resistant.

2. Height adjustable floor stand with front delivery tray
The floor stand is height adjustable in 40 mm steps which makes it easy on the back of the user. The front delivery tray offers space for approx. 5 folded A0 documents.

3. Offline table
High quality non-stick coated feed table made of anodized aluminum with excellent sliding properties.

APP for a convenient readout of counters: folded documents, foldings and linear meters.

Contains ROWE FOLD APP LT. Offers the possibility to fold documents with a fan folding up to 4m and a cross folding up to 2,5m. Additionally you are able to define an unlimited number of user-specific folding programs. With this app you can also allocate ‘Favorite’ keys.

Contains the ROWE FOLD APP SE. Extended app for the generation of special folding programs for lengthwise folding lengths of 90 to 420 mm and crosswise folding widths of 180 to 420 mm.

7. Rear delivery tray
Makes unsupervised folding possible and has space for approx. 25 A0 or lengthwise folded documents with total length of up to 30 m.

8. Motorized high volume tray
Motorized delivery tray which sinks automatically. Makes unsupervised folding possible and has space for approx. 75 A0 or lengthwise folded documents with a total length of up to 100m.

9. Endless folding KIT 30 and endless folding KIT UNLIMITED
Contains ROWE FOLD APP SE and additionally patented endless folding without any unfolded volumes needing to be manually re-folded: the folded documents are completely finished and ready for further use – either up to 30m folding length or endless.

Only for online configuration

10. Online Bridge 1 and 2 with PREMIUM MANUAL FEED – now you fold on and offline in one system
Using the transitional bridges Online Bridge 1 and 2 VarioFold Compact can be connected to all common standard large format printers. List of supported LED and Inkjet printers are available in the ROWE APP CENTER*
The PREMIUM MANUAL FEED is very sophisticated: meaning the VarioFold Compact remains a complete offline folding system even in the online configuration. Your advantage: documents from other large format printers are also folded at your convenience.

11. Connection KIT
Mechanical and electrical interface including software, to control the ROWE VarioFold Compact in online configuration. List of supported LED and Inkjet printers are available in the ROWE APP CENTER*

Only for offline configuration

12. Table stand
Space saving stand for operation of the VarioFold Compact on a suitable table. The VarioFold Compact requires minimum space.


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