Design Supply peace of mind warranty prices for your large format printer

Buying a large format printer represents a significant investment, you can now purchase a warranty for your printer no matter how old it is and have it covered with our unique warranty breakdown cover.

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Design Supply Ltd Large Format Printer Warranty Breakdown Cover Protection

Breakdown means the sudden and unforeseen failure of a Component arising from any permanent Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic defect, causing the sudden stoppage due to a part being broken, deformed, seized, shattered, burnt out or suffering a component malfunction, necessitating the immediate repair or replacement before its normal operation can be resumed. Adjustment means the adjustment of any Components, which are non-operator controlled, such as drive path systems. Component means any Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic part, which forms part of the printing equipments original specification.

Design Supply Ltd Breakdown Warranty Protection Summary

Any Electronic, Electrical or Mechanical breakdown or failure of the equipment, which requires repair or replacement, parts, including mechanical maladjustment.

Unlimited number of claims.

All parts, labour and traveling charges included.

Design Supply Ltd Exclusions

Routine and preventative maintenance.

Consumables and limited life items.

Incorrect setting of automatic controls.

Cosmetic damage, which does not effect the operation of the equipment.

Gradual deterioration.

Software faults.

Misuse and / or neglect.

Consequential losses.

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