Solvent Printers For Outdoor Signage

Solvent printers are a relatively new technology and they have opened up the market for inkjet printing in outdoor applications – this includes outdoor signage, banners and posters. This is a development that is vital for businesses who want to promote and advertise their companies outside.

Why Solvent Printers?

For those people who are not technology-savvy, the notion of solvent printers and solvent ink can often be a confusing one. Why solvent printers for outdoor printing? Well, their main benefit is that they can print directly onto uncoated plastics, such as banner vinyls. This is possible as they heat up the media being printed upon, allowing the solvent ink to actually penetrate the plastic, leaving the ink embedded in the media. So whilst other outdoor prints using aqueous ink are at risk of damage from rain, scratches or other hazards, media created from solvent ink is fully protected. This makes solvent printers great for businesses that intend to market and advertise their companies using poster or banner campaigns.

Mild or Aggressive?

This is in reference to which type of solvent ink is most suited to the printing that you will be carrying out. A mild-solvent ink generally uses extremely slow-drying liquids and so printers that use these inks have a number of heaters incorporated in order to help with ink drying. The faster that the machine prints, the more heat is required. In comparison, aggressive solvent inks normally dry at a faster speed, and require a lesser number of heaters within the machine. Due to this lower heat requirement, media that is sensitive to heat can be developed more successfully than within a system using mild-solvent ink. So then, aggressive solvent inks tend to be more effective in terms of resisting the outside elements and will work on a wider range of materials. The resins that are used with aggressive solvent ink also make it a lot easier to produce an ink which a glossy appearance when dry, giving the colours in the media more impact and grab – which is great for advertising signs and banners.

Where Can I Buy Solvent Printers?

If you think that a solvent printer could be of use to your company in terms of producing quality media, you will certainly not be short of places to look for your new machine. Solvent printers are becoming increasing popular and are now sold in many high-street stores and specialist computer outlets all over the country. They are also sold online through a number of reputable online retailers. Whilst it is of course fine to purchase your solvent printer in-store, the Internet can offer you a great selection of products to choose from, making it more likely that you can locate the perfect printer for your company. It is also much more cost effective to purchase your printer online, as many online retailers will offer more affordable deals that you are unlikely to find on the high-street. This is important for businesses who are trying to cut costs in the wake of the global recession.

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