Choosing From The Best Large Format Printing Solutions

You may be a design or architectural firm with a need to print technical drawings to maximum efficiency and quality, or you may be an individual looking to print posters or high resolution fine art photographs in large format. Whatever your exact needs, you may be interested in learning more about the range of options for large format printing available to purchase.

Choosing the right online store

First of all, you will need to find somewhere that sells large format printers, and indeed there is a wide range of online stores to be found online. You may first want to consider looking for an online store that has a long history of specialising in large format printers, as these stores are more likely to be able to provide advice on which exact products best meet your needs. Some may be independent, but may nonetheless have links with some of the top brands in large format printing such as Hewlett Packard, Epson and Canon.

You will want to find a store that has a wide range of top quality large format printers, and which has a search feature on its website that makes it easy to determine the right model for your individual needs. The right company will also be able to offer a high level of customer service. They should be available by phone to discuss with you your options if you are still struggling to decide on the right printer, while they should also be able to offer a price guarantee to those who can find the same products elsewhere for a better price. A good store should also be able to offer you rapid and affordable delivery.

Choosing the right printer

A wide range of large format printing solutions are available. There are printers available that are especially appropriate for fine art and photography, while there are also products available that relate to graphic, display, signage, point of sale, vehicle wrap, flag and banner related products, which allow a wide range of businesses, including retailers, to discover the benefits of large format printing. There should also be wide-format CAD printers for designers and architects, including those that relate to technical, GIS & AEC requirements.

The best large format printers should be strong in a number of different areas. They should be able to offer maximum efficiency, with fast throughput speeds. Another important consideration is excellent print quality, and indeed the best models will print high-resolution durable and light-fast colour images that are also resistant to fading and scratching.

The right printers will also have intelligent quality control, possibly including such features as roll media detection and management for the prevention of misprints. The right products for large format printing should also be cost-effective to operate, possibly incorporating such features as a print mode specifically designed to reduce ink consumption, in addition to low operating power requirements so that overhead costs can be minimised.

You will also want to find the most affordable paper, supplies and media for large format printing with your particular machine, which a wide variety of online stores will be able to provide.

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