New Canvas technical details from Design Supply for Canon iPF large format printers

Canvas is supplied in roll form and is available in widths of 17” 24” 36” 44” 54” & 60” rolls. The inkjet canvas is 100% cotton and identical to a traditional artist canvas used by creative artists. The iPF5000, W6400P, iPF6100, iPF8000 & iPF9000 with their archival Lucia pigmented inks will produce a print on these products with a life span in excess of 100+ years onto archival media (subject to display conditions).

Once the canvas has been printed, an extra finish can be applied in the form of a varnish. The varnish acts as a protective layer to the print, increases the archival life and gives a unique finish to the product. The varnish can be applied either by roller, sponge or brush. Each application will produce a different textured finish to the canvas. The roller produces a smooth natural finish allowing the texture of the canvas to show through, whilst the sponge will produce a rustic textured finish. The brush will create paint strokes, which mimic the artists original brush strokes.

Once you have completed the first two stages, you are now ready for stretching. By using the Dried Stretcher Bars, you will get a long lasting rigid product. Made of dried wood, the stretcher bars are less prone to natural expansion and contraction that can be sometimes found in other stretcher bars. The wedges supplied with the bars helps the stretching process, allowing you to get the last small percentage of stretch from the stretcher bars to create a rigid framed piece of artwork.

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