Large format paper and media for use on HP Designjets, Canon imagePROGRAF and other CAD and Graphic A1 AO printers

We strongly believe that the quality of the media and large format paper you feed into your printer is of paramount importance.

Design Supply Ltd now imports its paper from various sources throughout Europe such as Spain, France and Holland. Whilst our media is own branded the product we source is the same as you might buy from HP. HP manufacture machines not paper!

That means we can offer you some very competitive prices for large format paper to fit all the major large format CAD and graphic machines like the HP Designjet, Epson Stylus Pro and Canon ipf imagePROGRAF range.

We convert to all sizes including A1, AO and of course the entire roll sizes such as 914mm, 841mm and 610mm. We even do 594mm just for our own home UK market!

Only three or four companies make their own media. Most of the rest is repackaged by convertors. Some of the companies listed do not coat their own media either; they are retailers of media from a wide variety of standard sources.

Wide format printers require paper and comparable media with a special surface made to accept the ink.

Avoid cheap media. Don’t use regular paper; you normally need coated stock. The only printer that you can get Kraft paper or newsprint through is the HP 1050 and HP 1055 Designjet models. If you buy your paper directly from us, then you can avoid the loss of money involved in buying the wrong media from someone else (if you buy too cheap this is a sure way to end up paying more in the long run. Low cost paper for your wide format printer is not cost effective if you have to throw it away).

The media you use can actually influence the quality (or lack of quality) of your prints as much as the printer itself. You can take the same image and if you select the appropriate media you can win an award (and certainly win clients). But the same image on the wrong media will look embarrassing.

Be sure your media did not get damaged in shipment. If the ends got banged, this bump will disorient your print heads.

All the Design Supply large format papers carry our “no quibble money back guarantee.”

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