New HP Designjet Z3200 provides printmaking perfection for renowned photographer Albert Watson

Albert Watson is everywhere. If you are riding the bus or walking down the street, flipping through a magazine or watching TV, chances are, you will see an Albert Watson photograph. With a photography career that spans more than 40 years, his work stretches from fine art that is shown around the world to commercial projects that include the covers of Vogue and Rolling Stone.

Whether preparing for worldwide exhibitions or creating fine art prints, Watson takes on two equally important roles, photographer and printmaker. As a printmaker, he strives for greater control when translating his vision to the page, and the new HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer delivers exactly that with its exhibition quality, consistency and performance.

The HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer provides the high-quality colour and black-and-white prints required by Watsons diverse portfolio, which ranges from celebrities and royalty to precious artefacts and personal travels. What is more, it affords Watson the control he needs to communicate his vision and continue his success as both an artist and a business owner.

One of the most important things to a photographer is the translation from the eye to the film, the film to the screen, and the screen to the paper, explains Watson. The translation the HP Designjet Z3200 achieves is amazing.

Watson demands perfection from his photo printers. Using the HP Designjet Z3200 expanded colour gamut, including the new HP 73 Chromatic Red ink, he achieves enhanced shades of red, green and blue. And, HP Quad-Black ink delivers outstanding, true neutral greys for breathtaking black-and-white prints.

You can translate work that you have done onto a piece of paper using the HP Designjet Z3200 and get this kind of depth, quality and vibrancy and it provides what a photographer wants more than anything else, consistency.

When printing a series of photos or limited editions, the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer ensures Watson gets reliable, accurate colour time after time. From the captured image to the finished print, the HP Colour Centre makes profiling and calibration easy, using the embedded spectrophotometer with i1 colour technology.

With HP innovation as a backdrop, Watson can operate more efficiently, allowing him to focus on what matters most, his art. Watson has used HP Designjet Z-series printing technology for more than a year, and the Z3200 is the latest addition to his studio. So far, he has produced thousands of square feet of prints on his HP Designjet Z-series printers.

Watsons printing stays up and running thanks to proactive and preventive maintenance enabled by the HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printers ink and print head technology:

Optimized performance, maximized print head life and great ink efficiency result from proactive automatic servicing routines

Printing errors and media waste are virtually eliminated thanks to the Optical Drop Detector, which helps prevent clogged nozzles

And, with support for more than 50 types of HP large-format printing materials, he can easily switch between the media he uses most, including HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper and HP Matte Litho-realistic Paper. What is more, when using HP printing materials, the HP Vivera pigment inks offer long-lasting, water-resistant colour that resists fading for more than 200 years.

The art of printmaking

Somebody else printing your work does not make sense to me at all. You have to make it yourself, and the HP Designjet Z3200 is a remarkable piece of technology to do this.

The new HP Designjet Z3200 delivers what fine art photographers have always wanted, the ability to control their work from beginning to end. Now realizing their vision is easier than ever before.

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