Why Opt For Brand HP Designjet Large Format Printers

There are multiple ways of driving your business forward. Appropriate advertising may help gain publicity for your company as well as boost sales. You probably think that social media advertising may cost a fortune and you are right, if you operate a start-up business venture. However, ordering several large-format advertising panels and posters may be a good idea as they are not that expensive yet able to grab the attention of dozens of people at the same time. High quality advertisements are normally a combination of work performed by multiple specialists including graphic designers, art directors, copywriters and others. To create eye-catching posters one also needs special equipment such as high performance brand HP Designjet printers, for example. It’s advisable to get a reliable large format printer to be able to print as many posters and pictures as you need without having to wait for the task to be performed by specialised agencies. If you are still not sure whether you need a large format printer, look through this article.


The longer you wait for printouts, the more clients you may miss. Having a good value brand HP Designjet printer at your disposal may save you valuable time. Just a single push of a button, and you have the necessary poster or drawing printed out. Secondly, using these printers is easy and convenient which also contributes to saving time. For example, you don’t have to trim the plots with a five-millimetre margin on all sides of every page. High-performance devices work fast and boast print speeds of up to ninety seconds per A1 line drawing. It normally takes about an hour to print a large format full colour advertisement. Additionally, most high quality printers feature easy to navigate control panels as well as automatic print cutting and stacking functions.

There are specialists who need to print out lots of posters, drawings and images on a day-to-day basis. Using reliable brand HP Designjet printers is really cost-effective in such situations. First of all, you don’t have to pay for printing and delivery services performed by specialised agencies. Secondly, reliable devices often feature long-life print heads and ink cartridges which don’t require frequent replacement. Thirdly, you have the possibility to check the layout and media orientation as well as preview results to avoid trial errors.

Keep in mind that there are brand HP Designjet printers suitable for small and large offices as well as workgroups of up to three people and specialists working from home. Before picking one, look through the sizes of printouts different printers offer. Some printers come in two sizes, with forty-two and twenty-four inch media paths as well as options allowing to fit three portrait A3 images side by side. Besides, take into account the supplies different printers require.

To cut a long story short, having a great value brand HP Designjet printer at your disposal may save you a lot of time and effort. Using large format printers makes it possible to easily meet your deadlines and impress even the most sophisticated clients with quality posters, drawings, presentations and images. Furthermore, these printers are compact and easy to use.

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