Some Useful Information On Wide-Format Printers

You are looking for a wide format printer such as a good brand Designjet one? But what do you need it for? You might have some general idea about wide-format printers and know that they are designed for printing posters or signage. But all printers are application-specific so when you have to choose the appropriate model additional information on these devices might help.

  1. What are wide-format printers and what are they used for?

Wide-format printers like those you might have at home or work are devices which transfer texts and graphics from computers to paper. The main difference is in sizes of paper sheets. While you use the A4 format sheets for ordinary printers, wide-format machines such as good value brand Designjet consume paper of larger sizes. Large size printing is necessary for maps, posters, banners, mock-ups, newspapers, etc. If your company operates in any industry where large format printouts are necessary, you can invest in a wide-format printer instead of going to a local print shop each time.

  1. What are the main benefits of wide-format printing?

You may ask whether your business can do without posters, banners or signage. Of course if your company doesn’t specialise in large format printing such as map or newspaper publishing, you might think that you don’t need wide-format printers such as good quality brand Designjet for example. But remember that any business exists for customers, so big posters and banners can be an efficient way to reach them. Indeed, if you want to send some message to your customers, are you going to spread small hand-outs or place big advertisements in public places? The latter can grab attention quicker and make people feel an urge to read your message. Bright colours, large letters and above-the-standard paper sizes are more eye-catching than leaflets which people get in the street.

  1. What should be taken into account when choosing a printer?

You go to a local computer store to purchase a wide-format printer such as good value brand Designjet, and a helpful shop attendant asks which printer characteristics are the most important for you. If you are not a computer expert this question might be confusing. So you should know which aspects should be considered when choosing a printer. First of all, think about the size of paper you are going to use. There are devices which handle paper larger than the standard A4 format but there are also machines for especially large format printing. Second, look for the machine which can give you the best resolution. Computer stores may have printed samples for you to see the quality of printouts. Third, some printers come with in-built scanning and copying functions, so think whether you need these too. Fourth, learn what quantities of work and at what speed wide-format printers such as good quality brand Designjet ones can handle. Besides that you can consider such features as consumption of ink, multiple size support, built-in paper cutters, sorters and others.

These are just general guidelines which may help you choose the device. It’s also advisable to go look for more information at websites of manufacturers or distributors or consult shop assistants at specialised computer stores.

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