What You Can Get With Wide Format Canon Printers

Wide format printers may be considered one of the great innovations of the digital printing industry. They allow users to produce vast prints with a width ranging from 17 to 100 inches. Moreover, they are able to maintain the quality of printouts, paying close attention to details plus colour precision. Wide format printers including high quality brand canon printers are typically found in studios, print shops and large offices. At the moment, wide-format printing is more of a commercial rather than a consumer venture so it is rare to find a wide-format printer in a home.Still, there is a growing demand for wide-format printers for home use as well. Here are the most common uses of wide format printers.

Advertising and marketing

There are several uses for large format printers like good value brand canon printers in the field of advertising and marketing. In fact, examples of this kind of printing can be seen almost everywhere you go. Large format printing is an absolute necessity for any project consisting of billboards, banners, signs or posters. Whether it’s a poster advertising a concert, a banner announcing an important anniversary or a sign warning of an approaching road hazard, large format printing is used to make the signage clear and readable.

CAD printing

CAD drawings are printed using wide format canon printers as well. The process of printing is as simple as selecting the print function from the menu. This action sends data from the computer to a printer, which produces the final drawing. The drawings are neat, clean and highly accurate. You can specify a number of parameters to control the size and the quality of prints. You can plot a drawing to any size by applying an appropriate scale factor. You can specify line thickness and colours for different drawing objects. You can make a number of other adjustments as well including rotating a plot, printing only selected areas of a drawing, or using specific fonts for text and dimensions.

Fine art printing

Many artists, photographers and other creative people use good quality brand canon printers for giclee fine art printing to create fine art, canvas or photographic prints from their original digital files or artwork. Prints are imaged using archival pigment inks for long life. Giclee fine art printing offers the highest degree of accuracy and richness of colour available in any of the reproduction techniques. The visual quality of the print result is extremely high with seeming continuous tone prints without dots, lines or barring.

Printing digital photography

Instead of using a darkroom, you can use wide format canon printers to print enlargements of your favourite photographs. Rather than sending your prints out to a service bureau, you can have much more fun printing your photographs on a large format printer at home or in your office. Large format printers allow you to see your own photographs enlarged and displayed in high quality.

Most traditional printing machines cannot produce images of startlingly vivid colours, sharp lines and precise details, but it is something that you can easily get with a wide-format printer.

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