Several Business Benefits Of Using Brand Canon Printers

What do you usually do when you need to print out large format posters, adverts, images and schemes? A great number of engineers, architects and graphic designers would probably say that they take advantage of professional online printing services for these purposes. But what if you don’t want to waste time on sending documents to the printing company, waiting several days and then travelling a long distance to get prints? There’s no need to worry as the problem is quite easy to solve if you buy a high performance large format printer ideal for both commercial and personal use. Is buying brand Canon printers worth it? If you are not quite sure whether you need your own printer, it may be interesting to learn a few facts about these devices and the business benefits they offer.

Business efficiency

It’s as clear as day that constant delays in performing daily tasks are no good for business productivity. If your firm operates in the sphere of architecture, graphics or engineering, you probably have to print lots of large format documents and posters on a daily basis, not to mention large format advertisements which are advantageous for any company as they help get marketing messages across. When you order prints from a specialised company, it definitely requires time and money which is disadvantageous for your business efficiency. If you equip the headquarters of the company with high performance brand Canon printers, it can save you a lot of valuable time and effort and boost business productivity in general. Superior quality printers are able to deliver borderless A2 glossy prints in less than two minutes and provide efficient workflow with several media paths. Besides, they are really easy in operation with automatic skew correction functions, large LCD displays and simple control options. The sooner you come up with the necessary advertisement or promotional poster, the more people are able to see it and use your offer.


If you have to print lots of images and posters every day, it’s definitely more cost-saving to have brand Canon printers in the office than take advantage of printing services. Besides, there are quality printers which boast low running costs, long performance printheads and don’t require frequent cartridge recharging. They often come with a set of inks, an accessory kit, the necessary drivers and a year on-site warranty.

The high quality of prints

Those who use high performance brand Canon printers on their premises, have a wonderful opportunity to control the quality of large-format prints. Superb quality large format printers are designed to produce exceptional A1 and A2 prints using a unique twelve-colour pigment ink system and innovative colour calibration technology able to deliver a wide colour gamut, smooth colour graduation, reduced bronzing and graininess. Thanks to the installed colour calibration technology, there is no need in wasting time on external colour calibration.

Whether your business requires printing large documents or graphics, Canon printers are the perfect choice. Enjoy cost savings and peace-of-mind knowing you can control print quality yourself with this efficient solution – no need to outsource! Save time and money while improving overall productivity with these high performance devices from a brand you trust.

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