Oce Colorwave 900


Enjoy unparalleled colour large format production speeds
  • 6 rolls
  • 1067mm (42”)
  • 5 colour dye ink
  • 3 x 250 GB hard drive
With 1,200 metres of input capacity, raw speeds of 1,000 sqm per hour and powerful workflow, the Océ ColorWave 900 offers unprecedented large format colour production capabilities.
  • 1,000 sqm per hour raw speed
  • Maximum productivity irrespective of content / media
  • Good print quality
  • 6 rolls for 1200 metres input capacity
  • Simultaneous unloading & printing
  • Effortless workflow
  • Max printable length up to 30 metres
Unparalleled production
The Océ ColorWave 900 delivers unprecedented print speeds at a time when customers are demanding ever-quicker turnaround times. The system can print 18 linear metres per minute, regardless of image complexity, ink coverage or media type. This is achieved by positioning five print heads to cover the full 106 cm (42 inch) width in one pass, firing over 3 billion drops of ink every second. This results in a raw speed of 1,000 sqm per hour and unparalleled production potential of around 430 A0 prints per hour.
Flexible media handling
The Océ ColorWave 900 employs a 6-roll media input module and, with rolls up to 200 metres in length, 1,200 metres of input capacity is available. The input module handles widths ranging from 297 mm to 1,067 mm (42 inch). The system automatically switches from one roll to another when one is empty or another media type or size is required.
Diverse applications
The system typically prints at 800 x 1600 dpi (or with a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi), with a droplet size of just 1.2 picoliters. With high image quality and the ability to produce fine lines and sharp text, it’s perfectly suited to a diversity of applications, from point of sale to maps and technical documents.
Intuitive touch screen
A large intuitive touch screen is used to manage and simplify the production for every level of operator. On-line supplies overview, personalised smart inbox and print job queue management are all addressable from the user interface, allowing operators to easily keep track of printing needs.
Effortless workflow
Optimally manage your print jobs using free job submission software,
Océ Publisher Select. For print job submission through the web, use the light version, Océ Publisher Express. And for advanced colour control and job preparation, ONYX Thrive™ workflow premium software is also available as an option.
Maximise uptime
The Océ Dual Tray High Capacity Stacker allows the operator to fully capitalize on the print speed. By using two large delivery trays, unloading and printing can take place simultaneously to enable maximum uptime.
Aqueous dye ink
The Océ ColorWave 900 is a four colour system that uses 5 aqueous dye ink tanks including two blacks for higher optical density. The system comes with 2 litre ink tanks and a 10 litre ink tank option is also available.

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