Oce Colorwave 300 – 36in/914mm


Unique large format copier, multifunction printer, color plotter and scanner

  • 2 rolls
  • 914mm (36”)
  • 4 colour dye/pigment ink
  • 160 GB hard drive

Copy, print and scan in color and black & white with this large format printer. The Océ ColorWave 300 2nd edition adds productive featuring to the proven Océ ColorWave 300 concept. The Océ ColorWave 300 wide format all-in-one printer saves floor space thanks to its integrated color scanner. The unique Top Delivery Tray stacks large format documents neatly on top of the system. The powerful controller effortlessly processes all your color and black & white technical document tasks. Take the jump to one with the Océ ColorWave 300 large format printer.

  • Save floor space with one compact large format printer for all color and black & white tasks
  • Save collation time and floor space with the unique Top Delivery Tray for stacking large format documents on top of the system
  • Eliminate waste and faulty copies. Océ Image Logic ensures first-time-right results for wide format color scanning and copying
  • Increase productivity by fast file processing of all file formats: HP-GL/2, DWF, JPEG,PDF and many more
  • More production power with the integrated online fanfolder or fullfolder

One for all: large format copier, color plotter and scanner

Print, copy and scan all your color and black & white large format documents on one system. The Océ ColorWave 300 large format printer easily handles all file formats including HP-Gl/2, PDF, DWF and JPEG. One simple, intuitive user panel controls all functions. Proven Océ Image Logic and Océ Dynamic Switching technologies ensure first-time-right results. And printing and scanning with a USB stick gives you even more flexibility.

One that saves: reduce floor space and costs

Save on floor space and costs by replacing separate large format copier, plotter and scanner with a single large format printer for both color and black & white. No extra table is needed with the top-side large format stacker. Reduce labour time and cost by adding an online folder, ensure consistent quality output. Working with a wide format all-in-one reduces money tied up in supplies and limits the IT support required.

One for tomorrow: grow your business

Make your company stand out and increase your competitive edge by applying monochrome or color as needed to enhance large format documents. This system delivers the ease of use and workflow efficiency of an Océ B&W system and the versatility of a color plotter. Waste is eliminated by using automatic original and media size recognition and image positioning features to avoid misprints. And your working environment is unaffected by ozone, dust and odors. What’s more, you can cut your current large format copier electricity consumption by at least 50% compared to a LED large format copier and color plotter.

Compact configuration for handling large format documents

Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction printer includes complete features for all your large format color and B&W tasks:

Standard 2 rolls

Fully integrated color scanner for scanning and copying color and B&W documents

One central color user panel with usb flash drive for convenient control of all functions

Powerful file processing for increasing the output per hour

Available in 4 configurations:

Océ ColorWave 300 R, includes compact, front access receiving tray. Optimal configuration for collation of one offs

Océ ColorWave 300 T, includes receiving tray and space saving top delivery tray. Ideal configuration for neat set stacking (available soon)

Océ ColorWave 300 with Océ estefold 2400 integrated online fanfold

Océ ColorWave 300 with Océ estefold 43xx, integrated online fullfold

Embedded PowerM controller with Windows XP Embedded

The powerful embedded PowerM controller swiftly handles all file formats – HP-GL/2, PDF, JPEG, DWF and many more – and large files without sacrificing speed. Concurrent print, copy, scan and file processing ensures maximum productivity.

Downloadable Oce Colorwave 300 – 36in/914mm

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