Canon GP Large Format Printer Range

During a recent survey it was found that three-out-of-four consumers indicated they are more likely to pay attention to posters and signage that feature fluorescent colours, and more than 90% of consumers said they are far more likely to remember posters and signage printed in fluorescent colours.

31% believed fluorescent pink is the most iconic colour in art and culture, and the most personally engaging of the fluorescent colours.

Fluorescent colours “pop” in digital and print, which is why 55% said they would like to buy a printer that uses fluorescent ink.

64.5% said it makes them feel happy, and 47% feel excited when they see fluorescent colours.

Out of all the private sectors, including technology, retail, fashion, media, sports, travel and hospitality, it was the entertainment industry that they most associated with fluorescent colours.

The Canon imagePROGRAF range have always been synonymous with high performance and low ink consumption, and the new Canon GP series are no exception.

Here is the GP series ink consumption calculator to help you  see just how little every print costs.

Simply input your buy price of a single ink-tank into the yellow boxes and “hey-presto!” it’s done.

Of course, once you have invested in their shiny new printer, you can take advantage of the in-built accounting  tool to track your precise costs and print history.