Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV (64 inch) Large Format Printer


The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer is an award-winning 1625mm/64 inch dual head, four colour plus white and varnish print and cure solution for Specialty and Industrial applications. Designed for versatility, the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer is the ideal tool to expand your business with the widest possibility of commercial print applications and maximise your creativity. Featuring CMYK UV inks, the VJ-1638UH can be set up with varnish and white to handle transparent or non-white substrates without losing colour power or to create special print effects and multi-layer printing for high end graphics.

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer prints on a variety of materials for a wide range of applications. Compatible with both rigid and roll media, the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer enables maximum creativity, producing high quality graphics for short viewing distances including Trade Show Graphics, POP and Retail Signage, Backlit Banners, Individualised Wallpaper & Interior Decoration, Small Lot Packaging Prototypes, Banners, Posters and more.

Design Supply, a Mutoh Authorised Reseller, works closely with Mutoh to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximise your opportunities. With more than 28 years of experience in the large format printer market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.


Mutoh VJ-1638UH

Mutoh Intelligent Interweave Technology 

See how Mutoh printers are manufactured


The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer combines the latest generation variable drop piezo print heads, high precision mechanical design, new electronics, LED UV curing lamps and ease of use to deliver unrivalled print quality. Suitable for UV inks, ValueJet VJ-1638UH prints are mercury free, lead free and VOC free, eliminating the need for outgassing of prints and air purification requirements. The VJ-1638UH received the 2017 European Digital Press (EDP) Award for the “Flatbed/Hybrid Printer up to 20m²/hour” category and the 2016 Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SIGA) Product of the Year Award for the “Roll to Roll UV Printer Flatbed/Hybrid category.

With sellable production speeds of up to 22m²/h, the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer is ideal for established sign makers who need extra versatility and for larger operations that want to extend their capacity and flexibility. The VJ-1638UH delivers best-in-class speed and the highest levels of quality with Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving with dedicated UV-weaving print technology, which enables a drastic reduction or total elimination of the typical difficulties inherent to conventional digital UV inkjet printing. Dedicated Intelligent Interweaving print effect for the Mutoh LED UV inks have been engineered, ensuring a drastic reduction of the curing structure in the ink layer and gloss banding suppression.

The biggest benefits of this Mutoh proprietary print technology is that it offers predictable and repeatable output quality fit for purpose every time in the shortest possible time, drastically reducing or eliminating horizontal banding, step mismatch banding and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles. Mutoh’s automatic media thickness measurement and head height adjustment means constant and uncompromised print quality on any thickness/weight of roll or rigid media used with the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer. Output is immediately dry and ready for use or second state treatment. The VJ-1638UH features low energy consumption with low heat generation, ideal for heat sensitive media.


The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer is suited for the production of a wide variety of prints and offers a wide range of easily selectable pre-defined print modes and speeds.

Speed m²/hr 4 colour 6 Colour 6 Colour 6 Colour
Print Mode CMYK SMYK Only White Only 2-Layer Print (CMYK+white+varnish
1440 x 1440, Uni 2.86 0.72 2.86 0.37
1440 x 1440, Bi 5.68 1.42 5.68 0.73
720 x 1440, Uni 5.72 2.75 5.72 1.39
720 x 1440, Bi 11.35 5.47 11.35 2.75
720 x 1080, Bi 14.23 6.83 14.23 3.45
720 x 720, Bi 22.71 11.27 22.71 5.5

Intelligent design features make the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer easy to set up and operate. The VJ-1638UH comes with front and rear roller tables, making the media loading quick and easy with media alignment options. Integrated roll holders and can handle 2″ and 3″ rolls. Media load levers are positioned both at the front and the back of the VJ-1638UH for convenience. These scroller supports enable non-motorised roll-off of rolls up to a weight of 30 kg. Different motorised winding/unwinding systems are available for roll-to-roll production and conversion to and from rigid to roll mode only takes a moment.

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer is compatible with rigid and roll media, including ABS, Aluminium board, Cardboard, Fluted and Corrugated boards, Glass, Heat Sensitive Flex Media (Polyolefin-based, PVC free), Self-Adhesive Films, Leather, Non-woven, PC, PE, PET, PES, PMMA (acrylic), PP, PS and PVC. The maximum media thickness for both roll and rigid media is 15 mm. The VJ-1638UH accommodates rigid boards from 182 mm up to 1625 mm x 200 mm up to1200 mm and up to 15 mm thick and up to 15 kg. The VJ-1638UH features rubber rollers to increase the versatility when printing on rigid media. The roller pressure can be controlled manually with a simple lever, enabling smooth media feeding and higher print quality.

Mutoh LED UV inks enable printing on transparent and colour media with four colours and white and varnish. Available in 220 ml cartridges and high capacity 800 ml bags (500 ml bags for white), Mutoh LED UV inks allow specialty finishes and the staggered dual print head setup for the VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer are optimised to work with Mutoh LED UV inks. LED UV Mutoh LED UV inks are zero VOC liquids which do not contain hazardous air pollutants (non-HAP). Both flex and rigid inks are available.

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer includes ValueJet Layer Editor Software, enabling the printing of up to three layers with various combinations at one time. Innovative layer printing function is exclusive to Mutoh and enables the changing of colours on the surface, to enrich the texture and enhance overall look of the print. Mutoh LED UV inks allow specialty finishes, by printing one layer for CMYK inks, white (only) or varnish (only). Printing three layers with colour, then white, then colour again can also be done, all at the same time. The use of layers creates an enriched layer appearance with incredible print quality and stability at a high speed on a variety of materials with a wide range of applications.

The Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer incorporates an ink drying system including two long life LED UV curing lamps, ensuring output immediately dry and ready for use or second state treatment. The two powerful long-life (14,250 hours) LED UV lamps are Mercury and Lead free, and they ensure ozone free, safe and ultra-sharp prints, which are ready to be used or laminated after printing. The dual UV lamps are on both sides of the printhead and travel quickly across the printing surface. LED lamps don’t create heat toward the media, making the technology extremely well suited for handling heat sensitive media as opposed to classic UV or water-based resin ink technologies generating huge amounts of heat or relying on high temperature to dry the ink.

The ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer is the most compact size compared to other printers in the same class. Measuring in at 2983 mm, competitor models are more than 23 cm wider. Ultimate flexibility is achieved with Mutoh’s ValueJet Status Monitor, (VSM) app for remote printer monitoring through a PC or a smart phone. VSM software, exclusive to Mutoh, maximizes the performance of the printer for remote printing.

Optional items for the Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH include the Motorised Take-Up Systems, Media Retainer, and Media-Feed Table. For motorised roll up of roll media, the tension winder 30 system takes media rolls up to 30 kg or alternatively with a motorised roll off/take up system for rolls up to 100 kg. The Media Retainer is available to guide the set position for rigid media and pull the front edge of the media. The Media-Feed Table is for rigid media feeding and includes a media support bar.

Built to last, Mutoh ValueJets are renowned for precision engineering and meticulous production practices for years of profitable use. As you would expect from Mutoh, reliable performance is a given. For added peace of mind, Mutoh ValueJet printers feature a 12-month on-site warranty.

There is a complete range of Mutoh and third party rigid and roll media, compatible with the ValueJet VJ-1638UH available from Design Supply’s media specialists whose expertise can help you determine the best solutions for your particular printing needs.


Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH LED UV Printer and stand

Installation manual

Accessory box (10 cleaning sticks, 100 rubber gloves, 100 plastic gloves, 1 goggles, 10 flushing box sponges, 1 spirit level, 5 paper towels (lint-free cloth), waste fluid tank, waste fluid tank holder, tray, operation manual cd, notes for using dedicated ink cartridges, How to handle UV inkjet printer and its supplies, light shielding cover, 3 cleaning wipers, and user maintenance sheet)

Manual CD

Ink pack adapters

UK power cable

12 months on-site warranty


Media-feed Table with Media Support Bar

Mutoh Take Up System, automatic motorised take-up with tension bar 30 kg: VJ-16-TUP30U

Mutoh Motorised Torque Controlled Up System: ZMY-14800

Adapter for 800 ml and 500 ml ink bags

3 Year Extended Warranty


LED UV inks 220 ml cassettes: CMYK + Varnish

LED UV inks 800 ml pack: CMYK + Varnish (requires optional adapter)

LED UV inks White: 220 ml cassette, 500 ml pack (500 ml requires optional adapter)


Mutoh ValueJet VJ-1638UH (64 inch) LED UV Large Format Printer Data Sheet

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Mutoh Products of the Year SGIA Award 2017

Mutoh Edition SAi FlexiPrint SE12 RIP Software Data Sheet

Mutoh Edition Onyx12 RIP Center ValuePlus RIP Software Data Sheet

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Mutoh ColorVerify Data Sheet 

Mutoh ValueCut Series Cutting Plotters: (600, 1300, 1800) Data Sheet 

Mutoh ValueCut 600, 1300 and 1800 Specifications

Mutoh ValueJet and ValueCut Series Brochure (June 2013)

Mutoh Motorised Torque Controlled Take Up Systems Data Sheet 

Mutoh Optional Take Up Systems for ValueJet Series Data Sheet



Mutoh has been at the forefront of the wide format industry for more than 20 years. As an innovative developer and manufacturer of wide-format printers and cutters, Mutoh incorporates pioneering technology to bring you the best equipment for your application. Manufactured in Japan, Mutoh ValueJet printers feature best-in-class inkjet head technology, latest generation electronics and high quality inks.

Mutoh’s new wide piezo print head, new staggered dual head setup, and new generation electronics offers a unique blend of high speed and high quality. The wide piezo print head features 8-channel drop-on-demand inkjet technology. Each 1440 nozzle head includes four colour sections (C, M, Y, K) each divided in two nozzle rows with 360 nozzles per colour. All four colour sections are in one head, eliminating the need for head to head calibration. The integrated print heads are capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.8 picoliters to 28 picoliters, resulting in incredible accuracy, sharpness, and speed. Increased accuracy and consistency of dot size and dot release during printing improves the image, in addition to increased dot gain control, allowing for more latitude in profile settings. New generation electronics include higher carriage speeds and ink firing frequencies and adapted weaving algorithms give an impressive increase in productions speed as well as optimised ink spread and improved drying.

Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology drastically reduces or totally eliminates the typical difficulties inherent to conventional digital inkjet printing, including defects such as horizontal banding, ink mottle, bleed and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles. Ink is laid down in waves, as opposed to straight lines used on most wide format printers. The biggest benefit of this proprietary Mutoh print technology is that it offers predictable and repeatable output quality, bringing an unprecedented level of user comfort to the printer operator.

DropMaster technology is a revolutionary print automation technique which eliminates the need for media dependent head adjustments. Specifically designed for Mutoh’s dual head ValueJet models, DropMaster automatically calculates and adjusts the uni/bi-directional fire timings by analysing the media thickness and drop-throw distance between print head and media surface.



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