Easymount Sign EMS-650 Wide Format Laminator


The Easymount Sign EMS-650 is a 650mm/26″ cold wide format laminating and mounting system, ideal for heat sensitive materials including vinyls and adhesives. Designed for sign makers and photographers, the Easymount Sign range of wide format laminating systems are entry- level simple  solutions for professional, cost effective finishing. The EMS-650 laminates, mounts to board up to 15mm/0.5 inch thick, and can apply vinyls, application tapes and adhesive films to wide format prints up to 650mm/26 inches wide.

Easymount wide format laminating systems save money and time by eliminating the need to outsource to print finishers, and keeping control of the job from wide format print to wide format finish.  Lamination protects and preserves all kinds of wide format prints from spills, grease, chemicals, rain, fingerprints, abrasions, creases, wrinkles and sunlight.  Lamination enhances almost any type of wide format print by deepening and brightening colours and improving contrast.

The Easymount range of laminating systems include the following wide format sizes: 650mm, 880mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1650mm, and 2100mm (26, 34, 47, 56, 63, 65 and 83 inches). Easymount wide format laminating systems are available in cold (uses pressure to laminate, good for heat sensitive originals such as vinyls), single hot (uses heat to laminate, single-sided, good for wide format originals that can withstand heat) , and double hot (uses heat to laminate, double-sided good for wide format originals that can withstand heat and require lamination on both sides).

At Design Supply, an authorised Vivid Laminating Technologies reseller,  we work closely with manufacturer to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximise your opportunities. With over 28 years of experience in the large format market, we offer expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.


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Save money by cold mounting and laminating  all your wide format prints up to 650mm/26 inches wide, in-house, and eliminate outsourcing to print finishers. The Easymount Sign 650  is an easy-to-use  laminating system at an entry level price.  Designed to perform and built to last, with its solid heavy duty construction, the Easymount Sign 650 provides a simple solution for professional, cost effective finishing.

Save time by keeping control of the job, from wide format print to wide format finish.  The Easymount Sign EMS-650 is versatile and easy-to-use and requires no warm-up time.  The EMS-650 is a top unwind unit only with an impressive laminating speed of 5m/16ft a minute, the EMS-650 accepts up to 15mm/0.5″ mounting thickness. The large roller cores  deliver even and precise pressure,  and the magic eye safety feature prevents the rollers from moving when interrupted.   For controlled operation, a variable speed control and a foot pedal is included, as well as a handy reverse mode and an emergency stop button to prevents potential jams.

Protect heat sensitive prints at the lamination stage with the Easymount EMS-650.  Cold rollers apply pressure to laminating film to bond the film to the print.  The rollers remain cold, making it ideal for applying vinyls and adhesive films, and application tapes.


The Easymount Sign EMS-650 wide format laminating system has a laminating speed of up to 5m/16ft per minute and is able to mount to boards up to 15mm/0.5″ thick.  The two cold silicon rollers are adjustable for different thicknesses up to 15mm/0.5 inch.

The Easymount Sign EMS-650 wide format laminating system is compatible with a variety of BOSS media, from Vivid Laminating Technologies, including mounting films, pressure sensitive laminating films (gloss, ‘crystal’ matte, satin matte, flat matte in 80 and/or 100 micron) 100 micron UV pressure sensitive over laminates (gloss and crystal matte), Sandtex pressure sensitive film and release paper (Sandtex 150 micron, Glitter finish 220 micron) and Anti-Graffiti laminating films (Dry Wipe (UV) and Anti-Graffiti (UV) Outdoor).  Our media specialists at Design Supply have the expertise to help you determine the best solutions for your particular laminating and mounting needs.

For convenience and mobility, an optional stand is available for the Easymount Sign EMS-650 wide format laminator.

Count on dependable support to create the best image possible from Vivid Laminating Technologies and Design Supply. For added peace of mind, Easymount Sign EMS-650 Wide  Format Laminating system features a 1 year warranty. Ask us at Design Supply, and we can tailor the best solution possible for your needs.

Laminating Speed (m/min / feet/min) 5 / 16
Max. Width (mm / inches) 650 / 26
Mounting Thickness (mm / inches) 15 / o.5
Roller Diameter (mm / inches) 65 / 2.5
Warm-up Time (mins)
Hot Roller Heater System
Laminating Temperature Range (°C/°F) – / –
Control Panel LED
Pressure Adjustment Manual
Film Core (mm / inches) 77 / 3
Power Supply AC (v, 50Hz) 220/240
Power Supply AC (v, 60Hz) 110
Power Supply Required (Amps) 13
Power Consumption (W) 50
Dimensions – Width (mm / inches) 850 / 33
Dimensions – Depth x Height (mm / inches) 300×470 / 12×19
Gross Machine Weight (Kg / lbs) 33 / 72
Warranty 1 Year


Easymount Sign EMS-650 Data sheet

Easymount Wide Format Laminating Systems Brochure

Easymount EM-650SHW Wide Format Laminator Datasheet



Easymount Sign 650 Laminator (does not include a stand)

1 year warranty




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