Print your own vibrantly coloured or personalised wrapping paper

Customers are busy gearing up for the Christmas period, and whatever your line of business you will almost certainly want to make displays, posters and advertising items as noticeable as possible. And what better way than to create them all, quickly and easily, in-house with a Canon imagePROGRAF GP series printer and our free Canon PosterArtist software? Perhaps you would like to offer vibrantly coloured or personalised wrapping paper? The good news is that you can do that too!

The GP range are the world’s first Pantone licenced aqueous inkjet printers for Pastels & Neons. The GP-200 and GP-300 use 6 colours to deliver premium-quality prints that make a lasting impact with a newly developed fluorescent pink ink. The GP-2000 and 4000 use 11 colours to produce superior, wider gamut prints.

But what if you don’t want prints with neon colours or pastel shades? Not a problem. You can print in regular colours too…the choice is yours!