Low Energy Costs With Our Large Format Printers

As energy prices continue to rise, we’re all checking our consumption. Thankfully, the operating power of a Canon TM-200 printer is actually incredibly low, so large format printer owners can rest at ease when it comes to running costs.

For example, the operating power of the Canon TM-300 is just 69W or less. That’s only slightly more than the typical operating power consumption of a laptop computer, and around 10% of a typical domestic waffle iron. When in sleep/standby mode, (which is where printers tend to spend most of their time) the printer will consume only 3.6W, to ensure that its systems are up-to-date, primed, and ready to spring into action.

One thing to keep in mind that when the printer is set to OFF, it will still draw a small amount of power, around 0.3W. To completely shut it off, unplug it from the wall.

Let’s compare this to a model from 2003, the Canon W8200. This model consumed up to 160W during standard operation, and up to 30W while on standby mode. Keeping energy costs down has been a priority for the large format printer industry, to keep your bills low and to protect the environment.

Managing Your Device Effectively

One tip is to go into your devices settings and use the energy saving modes effectively. A sleep timer will specify the length of time until your device enteres sleep mode, if no operation is made. To go further, Auto Power Off will set the time until your device switches off once it’s gone into sleep mode.

Take these lower and lower until you find what’s right for your office. However, your unit will use some power to switch itself on and put itself into different modes, so if you bring them too low, you can end up using more energy by mistake.

The whole Canon imagePROGRAF range are incredibly energy efficient printers and are all Energy Star rated.