How Long Will a Large Format Print Last?

The new Canon GP series are the ideal machines for producing beautiful, eye-catching images on posters, backlit film, wrapping paper…you name it! The new ink set, including the Fluorescent Pink (FP), are all pigment based and therefore formulated to be highly water and UV resistant…however the FP ink is slightly less durable than the other colours, so just how long will the FP ink still give your print that wow factor?

The short answer is “much longer than you’re likely to need it!”

If you are in advertising, entertainment, hospitality, POS, education, etc. all of whom don’t see extreme longevity as a priority this should be music to your ears when we say that the neon colours will actually stay as vibrant as the day they were printed for up to 3 years or more in the right conditions. Far longer than it’s likely to be on show!

Even in a window display, in full sunshine, you can expect 6 months before any fades occur and reprinting may be necessary, but it’s more likely that you would have changed your offers, project or product focus long before that happens.

Make sure that you use genuine ink to get the best results. If you buy from Design Supply, you’ll see the hologram on the cartridge that tells you that it’s the real deal.

Printing on high quality paper will also give a layer of protection that will allow your prints to hold their quality for longer.

So if you need, low cost, high impact prints that can last for years, check out the new GP series. Don’t need neon? Simply turn off the FP ink or opt for any of the other models in the Canon imagePROGRAF range for prints that will last even longer.

If you need more information on the GP, TA, TM, TX or PRO series machines, please contact one our specialists here at Design Supply.