Batch Print on your Large Format Printer

Canon Direct Print Plus is an awesome, time saving tool that allows you to quickly and easily batch print on your large format printer PDFs, HP/GL2 CAD files, TIFF and Jpg.

A “Shortcut Print” option enables you to set up basic ‘hot folders’ on your desktop to speed up your workflow by simply dropping your work into it. Once you move a file into the hot folder, Direct Print Plus will start to print them. Rather than hit print on every individual file, you can simply drag and drop!

Multiple folders can be created, each one with different output settings to make life even easier. What settings can you have?

You can set your hot folder to specific output sizes, print priority, color mode, print quality, rotation, positioning, borders and nesting.

This means that if you want one batch printing job for rough drafts of a lot of project, but another for posters you want distributing, that’s something you can set up and edit as you go.

Another great feature of Direct Print Plus is that you can save your printing history for an amount of time that suits you. Security concerns may mean you only want a small amount of history, but if you’re after added convienence, you can select jobs to print from that history.

And there’s no need to pay for a costly Postscript option either!


Direct Print Plus is FREE, just contact Design Supply for your copy.