What Is An A1 Printer?

There are printers for home and office use, then there are specialised printers that have been created solely for the use of architects, engineers, draftsmen, graphic designers, and other businesses that rely on printing technical drawings using a CAD (computer aided design) system. A regular printer will not meet this industry specific need, so equipment such as an A1 Printer is required. These are larger units, and generally manufactured to stand alone.

An A1 Printer allows for smaller businesses or the home office of a freelancer to affordably print up their drawings and designs rather than go through the expense of having an out of house company do the printing for them.

What types of A1 printer are there?

The most important thing to consider is volume. A low volume machine is suited for less than five print outs per day, a medium less than sixty, and high is less than one hundred.

At DesignSupply, we offer CAD printers and Graphics Printers.

CAD Printers are used for design studios and construction companies. They will typically be cheaper, faster, and will generally just use the CMYK colour function. Since they’re for blueprints and technical work, they’re comparatively simple machines.

However, Graphics Printers are used to create vivid and beautiful images for photographers and creatives. They will use a much larger number of ink cartridges so that the precise Pantone colour numbers can be matched. They aren’t built to be fast, but they will give the best results.

Where Do You Find An A1 Printer?

Specialised machines, such as an A1 Printer, can be shopped for in person, through a catalogue, or over the internet. Shopping in person at land based stores has its definite share of drawbacks. No store stocks every make and model available, so many stores must be visited if the one that best meets a business’s needs isn’t found at once (a very improbable occurrence). This takes a large investment in time and effort, one that rarely pays off for the man hours needed for such an undertaking. Also to be considered is the information a person may (or may not) be able to acquire from any of the clerks employed at the store – they may not have the detailed information required to make an informed decision about the purchase.

Catalogues can show a larger selection than may be found in a store, but do not contain what could be considered critical information as to the specific performance on each A1 Printer available.

The internet offers the best shopping experience for equipment such as this. Not only does the entire world marketplace open up, but real reviews from an incredibly large cross section of users can also be found. Whether purchasing a printer directly from an online store or just reading reviews to make an informed decision to make a purchase from land stores or catalogues, the internet is not a step to be missed when shopping for such a vital piece of equipment to those in the industry needed one.

What Is The Best Benefit To Viewing An A1 Printer Online?

Without a doubt, the best benefit is the feedback from other consumers of the product. Most online stores and distributors provide the option for other buyers to leave feedback and reviews of the equipment in question. This allows those considering each machine to make an informed decision based upon any problems or issues other users may have had, or to read that no other users have had any problems with the machine and it may be perfect for a specific business.

As opposed to a catalogue, the internet also allows room for more detailed information and specifications on each machine that could be the deciding factor. Convenience also plays a large part in the popularity of internet shopping, as items can be purchased at any time from work or home.

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