The Main Tips On Choosing A High Quality Colour Printer

If you often work with graphics or photographs, then an investment into a high quality colour printer might be an important step for you. With a wide range of various types of printers available there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a reliable machine with versatile features. Many printers like exclusive brand Canon IPF8300 offer additional professional features for fine art photography, while others are intended for home use. Depending on your printing needs, budget and a preferable lifespan of a printer, the functions and characteristics of this electronic device may vary. This article might give you some tips on selecting a colour printer that would be suitable for your requirements.


The quality of prints is usually determined by printer resolutions, which may be expressed in dots or lines per inch. Laser colour printers are often viewed as more capable of producing professional photos or graphics, while inkjet printers make a good fit for cheaper prints of documents. When a colour printer like brand Canon IPF8300 has a higher than standard resolution of 600×600, it allows handling larger image files or more detailed prints.

Printer speed

When printing speed is significant for you, it is recommended to select a printer that is able to print colour at least at 26 pages per minute. It might let you get the first page in less than 10 seconds, while providing larger quantities of prints quicker. Such printers as Canon IPF8300 may have high capacity of a paper tray that reduces the number of times of paper replenishing. Another desirable characteristic is the printers’ ability to print on both sides of the paper, which can help to save money on paper and be more environmentally friendly.

Related costs

The price of a printer is not the only thing you have to deal with; the costs of purchasing cartridges, toners and other supplements need to be considered as well. Even though replacing a toner cartridge in a laser printer is more expensive than replacing an inkjet cartridge, the total cost per page turns out to be lower with a laser one. Buying some printers including Canon IPF8300 you may receive a free printer stand and paper basket. It can make the use of a printer easier and its layout more convenient.

Printer maintenance

When you purchase a new printer it is vital to remember about maintenance and repair services of this electronic device. It is advisable to read product reviews in order to know about its performance and issues that may arise. When buying printers like high quality brand Canon IPF8300 from some online stores you may get a 12 months warranty.

If you need to print graphics or photographs of professional quality, it is important to find a printer that would correspond to your requirements and printing preferences. With a rapid change of technology it has become possible to get good value for your money when investing into a colour printer like brand Canon IPF8300. One of the main factors that might influence your decision is your printing plans, which affect the quality and quantity of needed prints.

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