Solvent Printers For Top-Quality Printing

Marketing is vital for any business, especially in the current economic climate where pulling in new custom and increasing sales and revenue is crucial. Many businesses are choosing to use more modern marketing methods, such as web advertising, but one of the most effective and affordable forms of advertising is poster printing. If your business has chosen poster printing as its marketing method, it will need to invest in a quality solvent printer in order to produce quality and sustainable poster prints.

Why Poster Printing?

Poster printing as a marketing tool may seem a little dated to many people, but there are many great benefits of posters for promoting your business. Firstly, the production of advertising posters is much cheaper than other methods. Many organisations are compelled to spend extravagantly on marketing campaigns and so then have to cut spending in other areas of the business. Posters do not call for this. Posters are also localised and much more targeted – you can place them in specific areas, knowing they are going to be seen by a certain selection of people. For example if you own a taxi firm, and you place a poster in close proximity to a nightclub, you know you are likely to reach a suitable audience. Whereas in the case of the Internet, you are simply hoping that your website will be seen by the right audience.

What Are Solvent Printers?

Solvent printers can be a great idea for a business which is intending to advertise itself through a poster campaign. Solvent printers are a relatively recent development in ink jet technology and are much larger investments for businesses than traditional aqueous printers. Their main benefit and why they are so valuable is that they can print directly onto uncoated plastics, such as banner vinyls. How it works is that it heats up the media being printed upon, to allow the solvent to actually penetrate the plastic which leaves the ink essentially embedded in the media. This protects the ink from rain, scratches and other damage. This makes solvent printers perfect for creating posters than are to be displayed outside and left battling the elements.

Which Solvent Printer?

In terms of which solvent printer to buy, it is wise to use the Internet to search for a machine most suited to your printing needs i.e. which size poster you are thinking of using. Solvent printers are widely sold in many high street stores and also on the Internet. It is fine to shop on the high-street, but when it comes to electrical technology, it is highly advisable that you shop online. This is because, in-store, a sales assistant may have orders from above to sell a particular product, rather than selling you the most suitable printer for your company. The Internet will also provide you with a bigger choice of solvent printers that will be on offer to you in the one or two high-street stores that you visit, making it more likely that you can get your hands on the perfect printer for your company.

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