Seiko ColorPainter M-64S Indoor/Outdoor Large Format Printer


Colour On Time – Fast, precise, reliable, the new ColorPainter M-64S from Seiko I Infotech.

Demand for short-run, just in time wide format print with low running costs has never been as high as it is today. This 64″ wide, high-speed inkjet printer with low-odour eco-solvent ink meets all modern production and quality requirements, delivering ‘Colour On Time’ time after time.

With a maximum print speed of 66.5m²/h in combination with innovative, user-friendly technology and new low-solvent, low-odour SX ink, the new ColorPainter M-64S delivers excellent print results for high-quality indoor and 3-year outdoor applications at resolutions up to 900 dpi thanks to Seiko II engineering and a brand new print platform.

Key Features

6 or 7 colour models available (extra colour is grey)
Features new print platform, new firmware and over 100 other improvements
Prints high-quality output at resolutions from 360 dpi up to 900 dpi
New Seiko II ECO-SX low solvent, low odour inkset
6/7 industrial greyscale printhead (508 nozzles each)
50kg auto aligning feed/take-up system as standard
6/7 1.5 litre ink bags for initial start-up included
2-year manufacturer warranty as standard


PRINT HEAD WITH NOZZLE GUARD PLATE: Industrial high-frequency grayscale print heads of captive production assure un-matched high speed printing. 508 nozzles per head are protected against mechanical damage through difficult, stiff or heat-sensitive material by an additional nozzle gueard. Easy Installation of the print head by a one-click system.

AUTOMATIC PRINT ADJUSTMENT: Printer calibrations (media feeding and bi-directional adjustment) can now be done in just a few steps, allowing anyone to get excellent print results easily.

ON-CARRIAGE IONIZER: The on-carriage ionizer neutralizes static electricity on the media, reducing static-related print issues – even in low humidity environments. It helps to keep printing consistent all year round.

AIR FLOW SYSTEM: The newly developed Air Flow System (without carriage fans) keeps the inside of the printer clean and dries the ink fast.

DRYER: A long heater accelerates the drying of the ink. In combination with the air flow system this assures a safe winding at the take-up unit in all print modes.

MEDIA TAKE-UP UNIT: A high torque winder takes the media up to the end of the roll. Up to 50kg of media can be handled. Roll to roll printing or a complete roll of banner at the full width is possible.

MEDIA LIFTER: Easy media loading and unloading at take up and feeding side even with 64 inch banner.

SUB TANKS: Integrated sub tanks for each colour guarantees continuous printing even while changing the empty cartride and assures that the ink bag empties completely.

WARRANTY: Warranty of 2 years provided on the hardware and print heads, without any nozzle shot restriction.

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