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SelectTouch Control Center

The new touch-sensitive control panel puts every advanced feature at your fingertips by way of a clear, crisp high-contrast SelectTouch display.

Variable-Tension Pinch Rollers

User-selectable pinch-roller pressure gives you superior tracking over a wide range of vinyl, screen-lithe, polyester and paper. Whether you re loading thick or thin material, you ll get legendary Summa tracking accuracy every time.

Dual Cutting Strips

Separate cut and pounce protection strips let you switch from cut and pounce mode without changing your protection strip. Now going from cut to pounce is as easy as swapping a blade for a pen, making Summa S Class cutters as easy as they are versatile.

OPOS X Print-Cut Alignment

The world s best and best-selling optical alignment system is now even better. OPOS X features a more advance optical scanner that s capable of reading registration marks on an even wider range of output.

Auto Cut-Off Knife

The totally redesigned D-Series cutting head includes a new auto sheet-off knife,which you can optionally set to slice your media at the end of each job.

Optional Roll-Up System

After a job is finished, the system will roll up the artwork very neatly and prepare the machine for the next unattended job. The new integrated panelling feature splits long-lenght runs in shorter consecutive jobs. The S Class can therefore cut complete rolls unattended and delivers the output nicely rolled-up.

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