Easymount Flow Wide Format Finishing Table


The Easymount Flow Wide Format Finishing Table is designed specifically to compliment the market leading Easymount Wide Format laminating Systems.   The Easymount Flow features a smooth MDF top which sits at the same height at the exit plate of the award-winning Easymount Wide Format Laminating Systems, so vinyls, roll-up banners and foam boars exit the system and continue straight onto the table.  Easily moved to front or rear, for loading or exiting, the Easymount Flow is modular, design so you can simply add more tables if required.

Easymount wide format laminating systems save money and time by eliminating the need to outsource to print finishers, and keeping control of the job from wide format print to wide format finish.  Lamination protects and preserves all kinds of wide format prints from spills, grease, chemicals, rain, fingerprints, abrasions, creases, wrinkles and sunlight.  Lamination enhances almost any type of wide format print by deepening and brightening colours and improving contrast.

The Easymount range of laminating systems include the following wide format sizes: 650mm, 880mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1650mm, and 2100mm (26, 34, 47, 55, 63, 65 and 83 inches). Easymount wide format laminating systems are available in cold (uses pressure to laminate, good for heat sensitive originals such as vinyls), single hot (uses heat to laminate, single-sided, good for wide format originals that can withstand heat) , and double hot (uses heat to laminate, double-sided good for wide format originals that can withstand heat and require lamination on both sides).

At Design Supply, an authorised Vivid Laminating Technologies reseller,  we work closely with the manufacturer to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximise your opportunities. With over 28 years of experience in the large format market, we offer expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.




The Easymount Flow Wide Format Finishing Table is the ideal partner for the Easymount Wide Format Laminating Systems.   Designed and manufactured in the UK,the top of the worktable sits at the same height as the exit plate of the Easymount Laminating Systems, enabling any material exiting the laminating system to continue straight onto the table.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Easymount Flow is completely modular.  Additional table sections can be added and locked together, allowing you to create your own bespokesize. Position Easymount Flow at the front or rear, making the laminating process even easier, especially if you work alone.



The Easymount Flow is constructed from high quality steel, which sits on castors, allowing the table to be easily moved.  A smooth MDF top is included as standard, as well as a lower shelf to store spare rolls of film, vinyl and cutting accessories.

Count on dependable support to create the best image possible from Vivid Laminating Technologies and Design Supply. For added peace of mind, Easymount Flow features a 1 year warranty.

Dimensions – Width (mm / inches) 1700 / 67
Dimensions – Depth x Height (mm / inches) 1000×930 / 39×37
Warranty 1 Year


Easy Mount Flow table, on castor wheels, with smooth MDF top

1 year warranty


Locking plate


Easymount Flow Wide Format Finishing Table Data sheet 


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