Contex MFP Repro Series Large Format Scanner Solutions (IQ Quattro 24, 44, and SD 36)


The full-featured Contex MFP Repro Series large format CIS scanner solutions are 1200 dpi  (24 and 44 inch) and 600 dpi (36 inch) professional scanning solutions for turning all your printers into copiers, with great performance and versatility.  Built-in workgroup collaboration capabilities mean anyone can scan to email, scan to folder, and share the scanner with others.  Available in 24, 36, and 44 inch, Contex MFP Repro Series large format scanner solutions fit any environment, including copying, printing and scanning the office as well as in copy shops.

Contex MFP Repro Series  large format scanner solutions  are available in three sizes, 24, 36 and 44 in the following configurations;  IQ Quattro 24 MFP Repro, IQ Quattro 44 MFP Repro and the SD 36 MFP Repro.  Contex MFP Repro solutions include a large format scanner, Nextimage REPRO software for scanning and copying, and a high stand.  A low stand is also available for a side-by-side solution.

Design Supply, a Contex Accredited Partner, works closely with Contex to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximise your opportunities. With more than 28 years of experience in the large format market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.






Contex Solutions


Contex MFP Repro solutions turn new and existing printers into copiers, with a small footprint, without compromising on performance and versatility.  Contex MFP Repro solutions include a large format scanner (IQ Quattro 24, IQ Quattro 44 or SD36) with a high or low Stand, with a 17 inch touch monitor and Nextimage REPRO software for a powerful solution.

Contex full-featured MFP Repro solutions for scanning, copying, sharing and enhancing deliver outstanding image quality with real-time view of enhancements and automatic cleanup of faded, dirty, or poorly shaded documents.   Built -in workgroup collaboration capabilities allow multiple users to scan to email, scan to folder, and share the scanner with others on your LAN or with some models via Gigabit Ethernet.

Contex MFP Solutions include leading edge software, Nextimage REPRO, and network connectivity that fits existing tools and business processes. . Nextimage Scan+Archive is a full featured scanning software including multipage (PDF, PDF/A and TIF), full image quality controls, and accounting tools. Nextimage Scan+Archive software is a standard Windows application that can be installed on as many PC’s as you like, and is designed for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Scan, enhance and save originals in a single flow, with the SnapScan feature, eliminating the need for rescanning. It is the perfect link between your scanner, digital storage, existing applications and your printer. Add all your large format printers in Nextimage REPRO software and turn all into copiers.

Contex applications create industry standard raster file formats that can be used with any CAD or GIS application, including AutoCAD, Microstation, ArcGIS, and all other CAD, GIS, image editing and storage applications.



Scanner Specifications IQ Quattro 24 MFP Repro IQ Quattro 44 MFP Repro SD 36 MFP Repro
print speed, 200 dpi, colour 2 inches per second 2 inches per second  1.5 inches per second
print speed, 200 dpi, grayscale /monochrome 14 inches per second 14 inches per second 10 inches per second
Maximum scan width 24 inch/610mm 44 inch /1118mm 36 inch/914mm
Maximum media width 26.6 inch/676mm 47 inch/1194mm 38 inch/965mm



Contex colour scanner (IQ Quattro 24,  or 44 CIS, or SD 36)

High or Low Stand with Monitor Arm, Keyboard Tray and PC mounting tray

17 inch TFT active matrix LCD Touch Screen

Full Nextimage5 REPRO (Scan and Copy) software

2 m USB data cable

Ethernet cable

UK power cable

Installation Sheet

Normalisation and calibration target

2 year return to factory warranty

First year on-site swap-out extended warranty

Software included:

Nextimage 64 – bit TWAIN

Nextimage Repro

WideSystem software


Large Format Printer

Warranty upgrade options (annual price for Year 2 onwards):

Diamond – on-site first 2 years PLUS installation and training

Platinum – on-site first 2 years OR additional years annual cost

Platinum – on-site first 3 years

Gold – swap-out first 2 years OR additional years annual cost

Gold – swap-out first 3 years

Annual on-site supplement for Ireland (£150 plus transport from airport)


 Contex MFP Repro Solutions (IQ Quattro 24, 44, SD 30)Data Sheet

Contex Nextimage 5 Software Data Sheet

Nextimage 5 Printer Compatiblity list

Contex IQ Quattro2490 Large Format Scanner Data Sheet 

Contex IQ Quattro4400 Large Format Scanner Data Sheet 

Contex SD 3600 Large Format Scanner Data Sheet 

Contex ScanStationPro Data Sheet (iq quattro 4450, 4490  hd ultra x 4250, 4290 6050 6090)








Contex is one of Denmark’s fastest growing IT companies and the world’s largest developer and producer of large format scanning and large format imaging solutions. Originally founded in 1923, the company designed and manufactured inventive, time-saving business machines, including printing machines, mechanical and electronic calculators, and electrostatic copiers, which were distributed and sold worldwide under the Rex-Rotary and Gestetner brand names. By the early 1980s, the foundation for Contex Scanning Technology began and Contex evolved into the leader of the global imaging industry in large format scanning, copying and image enhancement. The development of modular scanning technology began in 1986 and in 1988, Contex introduced its first monochrome large format scanner. Contex released a complete line of monochrome scanners in 1990 and launched its first large format colour scanners in 1996. Today, Contex offers 18”, 25”, 36”, 42”, 44”, 54”, 60 and all –in-one, colour and monochrome scanners with CIS (colour image sensors) and CCD (charged-couple device) imaging technology. Over the years, Contex scanners have received numerous awards from leading trade publications and analyst firms including Cadalyst, Wide-Format Imaging, and BERTL (Business Equipment Research and Test Laboratories). Contex provides scanning solutions in over 90 countries and is recognised by a wide range of industries for reliability, value, high-performance and superb image quality.

The Contex HD range of CCD large format scanners (HD Ultra X, HD Ultra, HD 5450, and HD iFLEX) is recommended for high productivity and top quality. The Contex HD Ultra X range of large format scanners feature advanced Charge Couple Device technology with true 48-bit colour and 16-bit grayscale workflow, 5 x 4, 4 x 4, or 1 x 4 linear colour CCD’s (Red, Green, Blue and Gray), high quality lenses from Fujifilm, and an advanced image processing algorithm, achieving superior image quality and an optical resolution of 600 to 1200 dpi and a maximum resolution of 9600 dpi. The Contex HD range of large format scanners have the ability to process the entire range of 48-bit colour data ensuring the most accurate images with Accuracy Lens Enhancement (ALE) ensures precision of 0.1% accuracy. Contex Natural Light ensures the highest possible image quality. Contex CCD Scanners (except the iFLEX flatbed) feature Optomised Thickness Adjustment Control (OTAC) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) technologies. OTAC is for scanning thick originals and monitoring pressure on the surface of the document. AWD is a precision paper feed tracking system which ensures a perfectly straight scanning path and distortion-free scans. Gigabit Ethernet, xDTR2 and xDTR improves overall productivity by increasing the data transfer speed, so more image data can be sent to the PC faster.

Contex CIS range of large format scanners (SD ONE+, SD 3600, IQ Quattro 2490, 3600, and 4400) feature a number of advanced Contex proprietary technologies to achieve superb image quality and reliability. The Contex Colour Imaging Sensor technology feature fourth generation CleanScan CIS technology combined with CFR, SIGMA and xDTR to ensure the highest quality CIS scanners in the market. Contex CleanScan CIS technology is based on custom CIS modules with dual-sided LED light and Dual Diffusion, which suppress shadows and unwanted backgrounds. The patented Contex Colour Fringe Removal (CFR) technology is an advanced filtering technology, producing superior image quality with excellent lines. Signal Intensity Matching (SIGMA) is a Contex patented technology that minimises sensor differences live during a scan, to adjust for differences in sensor heating. xDTR improves overall productivity by increasing the data transfer speed of the USB interface, so more image data can be sent to the PC faster. This means a larger document (and more documents) can be scanned at higher resolutions without waiting for data transfer to complete.


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