Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 24in/610ml A1 12-colour Large Format Printer


The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 A1/24”/610ml A1 12-colour large format printer with 130ml/300ml Hot Swap ink tanks, a 250GB HDD an optional Spectrophotometer is ideal for the Proofing, Photographic and Fine Art applications. The iPF6450 provides the perfect balance between productivity and superb print quality for Photo, Fine Art, Proofing and Design, Advertising and Retail applications.

The imagePROGRAF iPF6450 puts the power of Canon’s world-renowned photography, ink-jet printing and colour imaging technologies into the hands of professional photographers and studios, digital fine artists and fine art productions specialists, and general print service providers. Think of the iPF6450 as an improved iPF6350 with Hot Swap ink tanks, a larger built-in HDD (250GB vs. 80GB), faster printing time and an optional spectrophotometer.

Design Supply, an Accredited Canon Gold Partner, works closely with Canon to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximise your opportunities. With over 28 years of experience in the large format printer market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.


Canon imagePROGRAF productivity features

Canon imagePROGRAF range of Plug Ins and Software



The iPF6450 A1/24” large format printer features Canon’s new LUCIA-EX 12-colour pigment lightfast ink system delivering outstanding accuracy, rich colours and exceptional versatility by addressing the exacting needs of production and proofing environments as well as the specialist photography applications.  A new formula of pigments offers excellent colour reproduction and increases the colour gamut by around 20% over previous LUCIA versions.  The Canon ink system coupled with improved image processing technology delivers prints with denser, sharper blacks and smooth colour gradations, and finest photographic details in the shadow areas.  The new inks are designed with an innovative polymer structure that results in greater scratch resistance and protection from colour fading while also reducing bronzing to ensure durable, stable output. The ink system also delivers higher print registration accuracy for precise text and fine lines which allows the iPF6450 to function as a precise proofing device.

Producing 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution, the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 prints A1 gloss in less than 3.7 minutes. Canon’s L-COA image processing technology combined with Gigabit Ethernet compatibility ensure stunning high speed reproductions enabling fast data transfer even for data-heavy files or high volume print jobs.  The ImagePROGRAF iPF6450 has a built in 250GB HDD, enabling highly efficient printing of complex jobs, making it easier to handle larger amounts of data, store larges print jobs and reprint them easily without resending from a PC.

Canon’s imagePROGRAF iPF6450 incorporates a number of productivity tools.  The iPF6450 features Hot Swap 130ml or 300ml ink tanks, available in both 130ml and 300ml sizes, Hot Swap ink tanks feature a sub-ink tank which allows for non-stop printing, even during ink tank replacement.  An automated email alert lets you know when it’s time to change ink tanks, replace media or notifies you when a job has finished, making this printer ideal for the production environments by supporting continued productivity where it counts most.

The new optional spectrophotometer supports automated, high precision colour management with third-party RIP solutions.   The spectrophotometer provides rapid colour control measurement and schedulable colour checking, which allows for convenient and stringent quality across all jobs.  The spectrophotometer has a fast measurement, switchable UV filter supporting the new XRGA standard.  The spectrophotometer delivers optimal colour consistency between multiple 12-colour printers using the Calibration Link feature.  Calibration Link allows the spectrophotometer to provide a unified solution to all 12-colour imagePROGRAF large format printers.  Needing to be only installed on the iPF6450 at one location, users can centrally control the colour management of multiple 12-colour imagePROGRAF units installed in other sites, optimising output and ensuring uniformity of colour.


A large, bright LCD screen makes the iPF6450 easy to operate with clear menu-driven controls for all functions.  A range of intuitive and powerful software applications, included with the iPF6450, ensure usability in corporate environments as well as specialist printing environments.  Enhanced Print Plug-Ins for Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photo Professional, and Microsoft Office, Digital Photo Front Access, and the imagePROGRAF Printer driver are included with the iPF6450.

Canon’s built-in cost management software makes it easy to track the cost of jobs and enables ROI calculations to be made over time.  Borderless printing saves time and money by eliminating the need for offline trimming and Automatic Skew Correction enables unattended printing by automatically adjusting for any skew in orientation and feeds the paper/media correctly.  A thoughtfully designed fan system ensures the quietest of operation.

Designed to work seamlessly with numerous third-party RIP vendors, the iPF6450 supports production, photography and proofing applications.  Improved software compatibility with ICC profile-based colour management systems (CMS) and support with third party RIP vendors add to the versatility of the iPF6450.  The Colour Calibration Management Console (CCMC) software provides highly efficient colour management for an individual device or even a fleet of printers.  Compatible ICC profiles of popular media types from Hahnemuehle, Ilford and Sihl can be downloaded.  Paper settings can be added and adjustments can be made to enhance the precision quality of your output with third party media.    Canon’s unique colour calibration feature uses a built-in colour density sensor to optimise print output ensuring consistent and accurate colour reproduction.

The new enhanced Plug-Ins for Adobe Photoshop and Canon’s EOS Digital Photo Professional Application expand print options and improve proofing capabilities.  The Adobe Colour Management Module (CMM) is supported, enabling features such as Black Point Compensation.  Images edited in Adobe Photoshop and Canon’s EOS Digital Photo Professional application can be sent directly as 16-bit RGB to the imagePROGRAF iPF6450, preserving smooth and high gradation.  The new enhanced Digital Photo Professional Plug-In benefits professional photographers by directly linking to Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software which in included with the Canon range of digital EOS SLR cameras.

The imagePROGRAF Printer Driver includes an Easy mode which uses Canon’s pre-defined settings for speed and simplicity of use.  Switch to Advanced mode and adjustments can be made for customising drying times, colour settings and managing ICC profiles.  Page set-up allows customised page sizes if required and best-fit option for each media is selectable.  Select the watermark feature to protect the rights of your images.  For enhanced workflow, pre-defined settings can be created using hot folders.  A maintenance facility allows you to adjust media feed, do a nozzle check, clean the print heads, check the queue and carry out other time saving features.

Design posters like a pro without any prior experience, thanks to Canon’s PosterArtist Lite software, included with the imagePROGRAF iPF6450.  In just four simple steps you can create professional looking posters, banners and signs using a variety of templates, high resolution, royalty-free images and clipart.

There is a complete range of over forty Canon and third party media compatible with the imagePROGRAF iPF6450, including satin, glossy photo and embossed papers, water resistant canvas, adhesive-backed materials and films.  Design Supply’s media specialists have the expertise to help you determine the best solutions for your particular printing needs.

As you would expect from Canon, reliable performance is a given.  For added peace of mind, Canon imagePROGRAF printers and print heads feature a 12-month warranty.


Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 printer with Auto Roll Feed Unit

2 x Print Heads

1 x set of starter inks (90ml each)

EU/UK Power cord

3 inch core adapters

Spacer for borderless printing

Set up guide

Basic guide

User manual CD-ROM

User software CD-ROM (Mac & Win)

Carrying caution leaflet

Safety/Standard Environment leaflet

Media sample –sheets

PosterArtist Lite leaflet

PosterArtist Lite software CD-ROM

Driver setting guide

Hex wrench screwdriver

One year on-site warranty

Software Included

Canon Printer Driver for Windows and Macintosh

Status Monitor/Print monitor

Free Layout & IR enlargement Copy

Media Configuration Tool

PosterArtist Lite (PC only)

Print Plug-In for Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint (PC only)

Print Plug-In for Photoshop

Canon Calibration Management Console

Print Plug-In for Canon Digital Photo Professional


Printer Stand with Paper Collection Basket: ST-28

Additional Roll Holder Set (2-inch core with 3 inch paper tube attachment and borderless print spacer): RH2-25

Spectrophotometer Unit: SU-21

5 Metre CAT5E Network Cable

10 Metre CAT5E Network Cable

5 Metre USB 2.0 High Speed Interface Cable

EFI Express RIP Software Photo Edition with printer option XL-24″ (supports photographic file formats only: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD for Mac & PC)

EFI Express RIP Software Proof Edition with printer option XL-24″ (supports PDF, PS, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD for Mac & PC)

Mirage Master Edition Software

Mirage 8 and 12 colour Edition Software

Mirage Pro Extension Software


Ink Tank 130ml: PFI-106 (BK,MBK,C,M,Y,PC,PM,GY,PGY,R,G,B)

Ink Tank 300ml: PF1-206 (BK,MBK,C,M,Y,PC,PM,GY,PGY,R,G,B)

Print Head: PF-05

Maintenance Cartridge: MC-16

Warranty & Support Options:

Canon Easy Service Plan- 3 years onsite cover from time of purchase

Canon Easy Service Plan – 5 years onsite cover from time of purchase

MyLFP 3-Year On-site Support Pack (3 Year Total)

Premium MyLFP 3-Year On-Site Support Pack (3 Year Total, includes 2 Annual Health Checks, Year 2&3)

MyLFP 5-Year On-site Support Pack (5 Year Total)

Premium MyLFP 5-Year On-Site Support Pack (5 Year Total, includes 4 Annual Health Checks, Year 2,3,4&5)

Hand delivery, Placement, Installation, and User Training

Remote Installation via Velmex Web connect – install drivers, send test print – 1 hour


Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 and IPF6400 datasheet

BLI Canon iPF6450 pick award


Canon ImagePROGRAF large format printers use a number of advanced Canon proprietary technologies.  FINE™ (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) print-head technology and dual print head design features a total of 30,720 nozzles into just two 1” high density print heads. Bi-directional printing design of the ImagePROGAF printers means print times are significantly faster than conventional print systems which require multiple passes for each line to compensate for uneven droplet size and placement on the paper.  An innovative ink-nozzle manufacturing method results in precisely uniform 4 picoliter droplets resulting in 2400 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution.  Ink placement and accuracy is also enhanced by the redesign of the mechanical structure of the imagePROGRAF iPF6450 by making the device resistant to any vibrations caused during scanning.

Canon’s unique LUCIA EX pigment lightfast ink system incorporates 12 colours and superfine 4-pl (picoliter) ink droplets ensures a wide colour gamut, smooth gradation, reduced graininess and reduced bronzing.  A new formula of pigments offer excellent colour reproduction and increases the colour gamut by around 20% over previous LUCIA versions.  Canon’s LUCIA ink system delivers exceptionally accurate colours by including both RGB and CMYK.  The 12 colour ink system enables economical printing because there is less need to blend colours (such as magenta and yellow to create red) and so less ink is required.  Two grey inks are included, further reducing the need to blend colours and keeping costs down.

The High Precision Photo mode feature is available for the very finest results required by artists and photographers.  Specific technology controls ink placement according to the ink’s characteristics resulting in superb contrasts and detailed graduation in dark areas.  Brilliant black and white photography reproduction is achieved with a combination of black, matt black, grey, and photo grey inks, allowing for incredible lifelike photography with exceptional detail, opening the door to numerous applications including wedding photography, christenings and the fast growing lifestyle portrait work.  The LUCIA EX ink system has an innovative polymer structure that results in exceptional scratch resistance and protection from colour fading, while reducing bronzing to ensure durable, stable output for over 100 years.  The LUCIA EX ink system also delivers higher print registration accuracy for precise text and fine lines which allow the iPF6450 to function as a precise proofing device.

Canon’s advanced L-COA (Large Format printer Common Architecture) image processor delivers faster high-quality output and print optimization.  L-COA helps your printer carry out the most complex print jobs – where files can often exceed 200MB – with ease.

Kyuanos, a next generation colour management system is featured in the imagePROGRAF printer driver and the optional PosterArtist 2009 software.  Kyuanos technology delivers output suitable for different viewing conditions such as fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, or sunlight.  Kyuanos offers an extended color space for 16-bit and 32-bit formats that allows for maximum input and output performance without color space restrictions. This enables the reproduction of exceptionally vivid colors with rich gradation.  Users can select the type of lighting under which a print will be displayed; the colours in the final print are then automatically adjusted to ensure that the displayed result looks just the way the photographer intended.

Canon’s Advanced Colour Calibration is a powerful colour calibration system ensuring the most stable colour reproduction attainable.  In conventional systems, changing print heads may cause a minute variation in print output, due to the density characteristics of the print head.  With Canon’s Advanced Colour Calibration, a multi-sensor measures variations in density on a printed calibration chart and then automatically applies any appropriate adjustments to ensure an exact match for long–term consistency.

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