Innovations in Large Format Printer Technology

In order to ensure your printer gives you what you need, first time, every time, the Canon imagePROGRAF range design team have certainly covered every angle.

Inkjet printers have been the industry standard since the end of the 2010s, due to their environmental footprint and cost-effectiveness.

The first inkjet printers were invented after it was found that applying heat to ink would cause droplets to fire out of a syringe. Cartridges were then created that would use electric current to generate a bubble, which would shoot a droplet out of the nozzle and onto the page. But things have come a long way since then!

How The imagePROGRAF Range Gets Perfect Results

The media roll is fixed into position on the spindle via the locking end caps, to ensure that the paper cannot move from side-to-side or spin independently as it’s fed through the paper path.

The printer will then automatically make sure that the media isn’t skewed or crooked as it feeds, keeping it absolutely flat thanks to the strong, but silent, vacuum that will suck the media to the printing platform.

The printhead ejects ink at roughly 30 million drops per second, and even at this incredible speed, every single drop is accounted for. If one drop fails to eject, the printer will immediately use a different nozzle to compensate for it so that every detail of your hard work is present on the paper.

Stability matters, you want every drop of ink to be placed where it should be. Under the shell, many models have a steel unibody construction that prevents the printer from oscillating or rocking as the printhead zips back and forth over the media.

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM-305 large format printer features the LUCIA TD 5-colour all pigment ink system which produces the sharpest, thinnest lines. It’s specifically designed for CAD, GIS, and Poster applications, a minimum line width of 0.02mm can be achieved with a range accuracy of +/- 0.01%. Considering a human hair is around 0.08mm, you can be certain that your prints are perfect.

All of this and more ensures that you receive pinpoint accuracy of the ink placement, resulting in the very best quality output possible.

Inside a Canon A1 Printer

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