HP Designjet T790

The HP Designjet T790 series is a family of large format printers that can get a job done quickly without compromising on quality. With 24 inch and 44 inch models available, an HP Designjet T790 printer offers functionality, reliability, consistency and accuracy from small print volumes to larger ones. Ideal for small to medium sized businesses across a range of industries and sectors, the HP Designjet T790 can handle drawings, schematics, technical documents, maps, plans and more with even the finest details rendered perfectly. Rich blacks, fine lines and vibrant colours are all produced with impressive clarity. As well as being versatile, these printers are also incredibly quick, with A1 draft speeds of as little as 43 seconds and up to 2 A1 prints per minute in “Economode”. If time is money, then the HP Designjet T790 series could represent significant cost savings to your business.

Improving efficiency with an HP Designjet T790

These savings won’t just be purely monetary either. The ease of use of the HP Designjet T790 sets it apart from similar printers in its class, with a simple interface and intuitive software enabling anyone in your office to use it effectively. It is web-ready, and with automatic software updates every 6 months you’ll save time searching the internet for the relevant up-to-date drivers. A colour touchscreen allows you to easily look at page previews and adjust settings with the minimum of fuss. Another advantage of its web connectivity is the ability to utilise HP ePrint and Share, a free service that allows you to organise and manage content online. It is also possible to print remotely from a computer elsewhere, or even a mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to take the functionality of the office with you wherever you go. In addition, TIFF, JPEG and PDF files can be printed on an HP Designjet T790 directly from a USB drive, eliminating the need to transfer them onto a computer or network beforehand, and thus saving you even more time.

Easy to integrate into your office

The HP Designjet T790 series is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and is renowned for its plug-and-play simplicity. Thanks to its ease of use and intuitive touch screen capabilities, your whole team will have little trouble familiarising themselves with the HP Designjet T790 in next to no time. Suitable for architects, engineers, designers and much more, the HP Designjet T790 series can help you to improve productivity in your work place, and save money.

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