From the Archives: Useful Ways Of How To Choose A Suitable Epson Stylus Pro Printer

It is useful to have a printer at home that will allow to print all the necessary documents without any difficulty. However, there may be several limitations to usual printers, such as size, for example. Most printers can only adapt paper sizes that are equal to or smaller than legal and letter size. But to print posters, banners, or other large format items, it is preferable to buy a wide format printer. Wide format printers, including Epson Stylus Pro printers, are devices designed to create prints on media larger than seventeen inches. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to find a suitable wide format printer, but there are some ways to make the process of choosing a little easier.

For example, it is always a good idea to check various product reviews on the web. It is obvious that most people have no experience when it comes to wide format printers. As a matter of fact, most people and businesses make do with usual printers. But if one needs a wide format printer, like Epson stylus pro, the best source of information is from those who have already had some experience using such printers. There are plenty of online sources for reviews, providing reviews on a wide variety of items, including wide format printers. One can also use different search engines to search for related reviews.

Another good way is to ask for recommendations. They are even better than reviews as they are asked of friends and experts who have made use of wide format printers before and can recommend a particular model based on their experience. When considering to purchase a wide format printer, one can also visit the local printing shop and ask for tips on selecting a good brand. Similarly, local computer and electronics shops can be checked out for good deals on wide format printers, including Epson stylus pro printing solutions.

Once search results have been narrowed down with the help of reviews and recommendations, the next step is to check the printer. The best way to check the printing machine is to test-drive it. Many shops selling wide format printers as well as Epson stylus pro printers allow product test drives, especially since a wide format printer demands a greater investment than the typical desktop printer. If no test drive is available, then it is better to ask for samples that were printed using the product that one is eager to buy, in order to have at least a slight idea of how the printer works. It is necessary to remember that wide format printers do not have to be as sharp as photograph or desktop printers as they are made to create larger images.

Finally, it is better to choose wide format printers according to the ink types they use as it is the ink that largely determines the quality and characteristics of the prints. Aqueous inks representing pigments mixed in water or other solvents are the most common. Printers using these inks are relatively cheaper, but the colours on prints will fade through time. UV inks, on the other hand, create embossed and water-resistant prints and can be used on almost any material. Epson stylus pro printing solutions, for example, utilise pigment-based ink sets with the addition of Vivid Magenta pigments. This ink technology provides high-density pigments for a wide colour gamut creating almost three-dimensional images. Moreover, it provides colour stability immediately after printing, so there is no short-term colour shifting as the ink dries.

In order to find an appropriate wide format printer, it is a good idea to check online reviews, ask for friends’ recommendations and assess the type of printer to choose.

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