Epson Stylus Pro: An Uncompromising Quality Within Reach

While people may no longer be printing long business reports, the amount of printing has not changed according to a representative of a research firm. Ink volume sales are stable; no drop-off has been recently seen. But what is being printed and how consumers are using printers is changing. Modern printers are being used a lot for colour critical printing applications, such as contract and imposition proofing, photography and limited edition fine art print making. A good quality brand Epson Stylus Pro printer may be regarded as the epitome of the latest technological progress when it comes to large format photographs.

Print quality and longevity are of major importance.

Some brands have invented printers with Vivid Magenta Ink Technology known for its 8-colour ink set with advanced magenta pigments providing more dramatic blues and violets for an outstanding colour gamut. According to experts, 8 inks provide a simpler colour management solution compared to 12 colours. Choosing from a great diversity of possible ink combinations for each colour, the technology may optimise ink usage for a greater colour gamut and smoother colour transitions and gradations, which could be seen in prints made with the help of a reliable brand Epson Stylus Pro printer.

Professionals pay special attention to neutral and toned black-and-white prints. A high-tech photo mode featured in modern printing devices may be the key to consistent control over colours. A three-level black technology is known to deliver richer blacks, impressive tonal range and grey balance, so black-and-white prints are likely to be of good quality. High quality brand Epson Stylus Pro printers boast instant colour stability which means that colours stay consistent under different lighting conditions and when viewed right out of the printer or years later.

Top-notch print heads are at the core of the ink jet technology used in cutting edge printers. They help create variable-sized droplets as small as 3.5 picolitres and place them with accuracy and precision. The professional print heads also incorporate an ink-repelling coating which decreases maintenance and increases reliability, which is the case with high quality brand Epson Stylus Pro printers. Moreover, high capacity ink cartridges offer low cost per print and ensure a high level of productivity.

Compactness for a large format printer is a great advantage

Certainly, one might expect a much larger footprint but the reputable brand Epson Stylus Pro and other manufacturers offer compact top-notch printers, which is sometimes regarded as the next step in professional desktop printing and a must-have for those who take photographing seriously. Modern large format desktop printers have been designed especially for photography, fine art and proofing.

With the introduction of premium quality printers, the bar has once again been raised and the realm of what’s possible expanded. Engineered by professionals, they come with a variety of technological breakthroughs and ensure truly photographic prints even in high-speed or lower resolution print modes. High quality contract and imposition proofing, photography and limited edition fine art print making is now possible due to high-tech printers. With high production speeds and minimal maintenance requirements, they are likely to boost photo studio productivity.

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