Create Full-Colour Images With Large Format Printing

A growing number of companies are gradually discovering the benefits of large format printing for their successful business. Large signs and banners are a proven way to deliver messages to the public, all the more so when they are beautifully printed on top quality materials with top quality equipment. According to multiple studies, colour messages are more captivating and memorable than black and whites. And the bigger the size the more appealing they can be to consumers. These are only a few of the reasons why more and more businesses choose large format colour printing to serve their needs.


Some customers refer to online stores to do large format printing, others buy their own equipment. The latter has become very popular as there are plenty of online suppliers offering the best printing solutions to cater to any tastes and budgets. As a matter of fact, providers of large format printers deal with clients having very different sets of needs. They can offer top-notch support and fine art related products to various artists or stock photographic and proofing related products to photographers. Architects who are in need of CAD systems can also make use of multiple online offers regarding technical, architectural, GIS and AEC related products.

Online suppliers of large format printing solutions offer their customers to see the quality before they buy something. Online facilities allow them to see sample printouts from printers they are interested in. They can do this either way: upload their own image and see it printed or select a stock image from one of the categories available online. Printouts are sent back to them later and are designed to showcase the abilities of chosen printers. Multiple categories can include proofing, CAD or GIS, corporate, fine art, poster type and other images.

Usually, providers of large format printing supplies don’t just sell printers. They can sell everything else needed to get the best out of one’s printer, be it print heads, cartridges, paper, vinyl, film or banner media. It’s possible to find a wide range of speciality papers including water-based and solvent media as well as lamination and mount films. The latter are ideal for the finishing of graphics produced with the help of large format printers. All these products are commonly tested on a wide variety of printers available to offer ultimate flexibility and compatibility across different printer types.

Apart from printers, online providers offer a large selection of scanners, copiers, laminators, trimmers, cutters, etc. to make a large format printing experience an ultimate one. For instance, trimmers can be very helpful when it’s necessary to print high quality graphics on any flexible or rigid substrate like vinyl, plexiglas, metal, plywood and many others.

Large prints are appealing to the eye and are extremely versatile in their uses. They can be made in glossy or semi-gloss formats and be used for retail signage, trade shows, business presentations, backlit displays, exhibition graphics and others.

Large format colour printing provides an affordable and quick means to create full-colour, photo-realistic graphics, posters, banners, backlit signs, etc. Images can be printed on a wide variety of materials without losing quality, colour intensity and consistency. Moreover, it offers unlimited printing opportunities for businesses irrespective of their needs.

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