Canon TM-200 A1 Printer UV stable and water resistant prints

The Canon TM-200 A1 printer is truly remarkable, and even at entry level the whole TM series is no exception. But why should you consider trading up to a TM from your previous Canon model?

How about the UV stable and water resistant inks enable you to explore new avenues of print use? The small footprint and low noise output means that you have more space and less interference, which creates a far better working environment. The touch screen panel makes it so easy to just walk up and use, even if you’ve never used a large format printer before.

However there’s also another added bonus…speed. Here’s a snapshot of how the TM-300 and 305 models perform against their older brothers…

Wow! Up to 23% faster!

Who wouldn’t want the chance to output more print, faster. And with all of the other amazing advances, upgrading to a new Canon TM-200 printer makes life easier and business better.

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