Canon Printers – Getting The Most From Your Printer

Canon Printers – Getting The Most From Your Printer

Large format printing solutions include wide format printers including good value brand Canon printers, copiers and scanners to help you copy, scan, manage and distribute wide format documents electronically. You can choose from all-in-one printers which offer full-featured versatility in one machine and simple printing solutions for home, school and work. From fine art to family portraits, wide-format printers use advanced ink technology to create stunning professional prints at home or in the studio. Here are some basic types of printers used for wide format printing.

Photo printers

The key to making gallery-quality prints is in your choice of printer. It may be tempting to opt for the discounted printer but those printers are basic office models designed for common printing tasks instead of printing top-notch photographs. You’ll see the difference in quality when you invest in a printer designed for photographers. Some photo printers like high quality brand Canon printers use pigment-based inks while others use dye-based inks with each technology having its pros and cons. Pigment inks are usually more fade-resistant yet deliver less saturated colours whereas dye inks are less stable yet produce bold, glossy colours. In terms of longevity pigment inks are expected to endure much longer; this isn’t a concern if you’re printing for personal use but it’s an important consideration if you plan to sell your prints.

Fine art printers

Fine art printing has become much more affordable with a wide variety of fine art printers including good value brand Canon printers available on the market. They help achieve a superb quality of prints and offer affordable reproduction of your artwork to a much wider audience. They use high quality inks which boast wonderful bright colours and deep blacks without using artificial brighteners that may reduce the longevity of colours. These state-of-the-art printers print up to 44 inches wide prints which are reported to last for at least 75 years.

CAD printers

There are a number of good reasons to consider buying a desktop CAD printer like good value brand Canon printers as these units deliver good accuracy and tolerance for form and fit as well as function. CAD printers can help you shrink your design time as you can have your prototype model printed within hours. This can effectively save weeks of the entire development cycle not to mention the time saved for marketing new products. While you may spend a large amount of money on a CAD printer, the return on investment is often quick. Even if printing only two models per month, an onsite CAD printer can produce major cost savings. It can also help ensure intellectual property confidentiality: your designs never leave the company premises and your intellectual property is better safeguarded.

You can excel in the world of wide format by buying professional large format printers including high quality brand Canon printers. There are a lot of online stores which make sure you buy the best printer for your needs and your budget, be it photographic, CAD or graphic printers. You can also buy various media and supplies so you get the most from your machine.

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