Canon iPF670/iPF770 Vs HP Designjet T520

The most popular and commonly purchased printers in the UK market are CAD A1 and A0 models with customers often looking at price as an overriding factor when making their decision. However, all large format printers are not created equal and customers often miss vital facts when choosing their new wide format printer.

When considering the differences between the HP T120/T520 and Canon iPF670/iPF770, there is one clear winner, but the list of advantages for the Canon models is extensive to say the least. For starters, the Canon ships with 540ml of ink in the box, Vs only 74ml on the HP model. That’s over 7 times as much, with a value of over £250 (at RRP) and is enough to produce hundreds and hundreds of CAD drawings!

Furthermore, the Canon iPF670 & iPF770 ink cartridges are over 23% cheaper per ml (at RRP) and combined with far lower running costs per print, the Canon is less than half the cost of the HP to produce an identical A1 or A0 Cad print.

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