Architects and how you should promote your business with the best CAD printer.

The latest CAD printers can really help you save money. Find out how can they help you in your business (MCAD and AEC)?

HP is the market leader in large format printers in the UK

One question anybody buying a CAD Printer should ask is “What are the running costs?” The latest models can give you fantastic savings as they use the unique ink technology.

The HP Designjet CAD printers have the benefits of:

• Frequent new models
• Low running costs
• Good trade in deals
• Low total cost of ownership
• Excellent reliability from a great range of CAD Printers Cutting edge yet proven technology
• Reassurance of HP being the market leader
• Saves time, rather than sending materials out for printing
• Client stays in control being able to manage their own printing
• Convenience
• Saves money as HP has a relatively low cost of ownership
• Peace of mind, as HP is the market leader offering reliable yet cutting edge technology

Design Supply has a great range of CAD printers and you can see them all here on our web site. Prices are available from the sales team.

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