A Short Guide To Wide Format Printing

A Short Guide To Wide Format Printing

Wide format printers are necessary for companies engaged in banner, poster or signage production. Nowadays there are lots of printing devices which can be used in the large format printing industry. The article provides you an insight into wide format printers such as reputable brand Epson stylus pro ones.

Inkjet wide format printers

Inkjet wide formats printers are appropriate for a variety of uses: desktop, banner, photograph publishing, etc. There are a number of features to look for when choosing inkjet printers. First of all customers need to pay attention to their printing features. Printers which take too long to produce one quality picture are not better than those which can produce lots of poor quality pictures within a minute. Make sure the print speed and the image quality of the chosen device is satisfactory. Second, find out whether it’s easy to use. You may have no time for reading the manual each time you want to change printing settings. Such inkjet printers as quality brand Epson stylus pro devices use special ultra chrome ink appreciated for its colour gamut and water-resistance which allows obtaining quality durable prints. Inkjet printers can be used in almost any wide format printing production environment.

Laser wide format printers

Laser wide format printers have a number of advantages but the most important are speed and printing cost per sheet. They are mainly used to obtain quality coloured prints. Laser printers may seem to be pricey when compared with other printers but their cost-per-page is lower which substantiates a high price. When choosing a laser printer such characteristics as print speed, resolution and monthly volume should be considered. Most modern printers such as reputable brand Epson stylus pro devices come with different characteristics depending on the purpose of use.

Dye sublimation printers

Dye sublimation printers are not as widely used in the wide format printing industry as the two previous types; they are more appropriate for printing small format photos. While inkjet printers transfer colours as dots which can be distinguished at a closer distance, dye sublimation printers produce relatively realistic images. Inside these printers there is a roll of film which looks like coloured cellophane. There are four main colours which these printers use: magenta, cyan, yellow and black. Before the print is delivered, the four colours vaporise creating a good gradation. Dye sublimation printing is possible with wide format printers such as reputable brand Epson stylus pro devices to print on textiles.


Plotters are the simplest wide format printing devices which are used for printing drawings, blueprints and simple design banners. Pen and cutting plotters are the most common types nowadays. Pen plotters feature a special pen which runs across paper leaving dots on it; cutting plotters come with knives instead of pens. There are also inkjet and electrostatic plotters; inkjet ones are more widely used as they allow printing on foil, textile, plastic and paper.

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