5 Signs Of Good Wide Format Printers

If your company has to deal with lots of wide format printouts on a monthly basis, it can be a good solution to purchase a printer, for example, good value brand HP Designjet instead of queuing in copy shops or outsourcing from specialised companies. When your company has its own printer it becomes more flexible about when to print and how to print. Here are 5 signs of a good printer to help you choose the right model.

Good wide format printers deliver high quality images

Quality of printed images depends on such factors as a tonal range, colour palette, type of paper, peculiarities of pictures, etc. If a printer comes with a wide range of inks, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to deliver unblemished pictures with all hues and shadows reflected. Choosing from several printers, such as good value brand HP Designjet, try them out by printing a few pictures. Shop assistants might also have printed samples for you to compare the results.

Good wide format printers incorporate high print speed and good quality

If you need to print lots of images quickly, check printer speed. Some models provide better quality but print slower while others print very quickly but images don’t have high resolution. Decide what is more important in your business: quantity or quality. Yet good value brand printers allow users to combine both high speed and high quality, so here your choice depends on the price.

Good wide format printers have long term guarantees

It’s natural that when purchasing a new printer, for example, good value brand HP Designjet printer, you want it to serve as long as possible delivering images of the same quality. Sometimes even minor changes in the colour and resolution may matter so it’s advisable to get a device which is covered by a long-term guarantee. Serious manufacturers have representative offices in many countries providing you the highest standard of services and an opportunity to have your device repaired at the official dealer.

Good wide format printers have low operating costs

Nobody wants to spend a fortune on the best-of-breed device which turns to be very expensive in maintenance. A quality printer such as good value brand HP Designjet should have good value for money ratio. Check how much paper and ink the chosen printer consumes which may help you estimate the cost of each print session.

Good wide format printers are easy in use

The maintenance of good wide format printers doesn’t require lots of efforts or any expertise from users. They come with the necessary drivers and are compatible with the existing computer platforms. Besides that they have other beneficial features such as built-in paper cutters, sorters and built-in accounting features to name but a few. These are not the most necessary functions you should look for in a printer but they are likely to make the device maintenance much easier.

If you want your wide format printer to combine several functions go for a device which has the scanning and copying function. Modern printers such as good value brand HP Designjet come in

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