Vivid Prints with our Large Format Printer range

Need posters and signs with gorgeous, eye-popping colours that shout “Look at me!”? Or perhaps you’re printing fine art or pop-art that only long-lasting, vivid colour can do justice? Or maybe vibrantly coloured wrapping paper is your thing? If so, this could be right up your street!

The new Canon imagePROGRAF GP-200, GP-300, GP-2000 and GP-4000 printers, a range that use a mixture of regular colour inks and the Worlds first aqueous pigment fluorescent inks to produce images that you simply cannot ignore.

The GP-200 and GP-300 use 6 colours to deliver premium-quality posters that make a lasting impact with a newly developed fluorescent pink ink, capable of producing neon and pastel shades. The GP-2000 and 4000 use 11 colours to produce superior, wide gamut prints and feature five new colours – red, orange, green and violet – plus the new fluorescent pink.

Create posters in Canon’s free PosterArtist Lite software and you can fill areas and even spot-colour parts of your design to achieve neon highlights where it counts.

Got a print-job that doesn’t require fluorescent colour? They’re ideal for that too…The choice is yours!