Relocating your large format printer

Once installed, relocating your large format printer has traditionally been a labour intensive and high waste exercise if the printer needs to be heavily tilted. This involved draining valuable ink from the printer’s system into the maintenance cartridge, thereby making it unusable and expensive! This would typically be the case when moving machines between sites, taking them up and down staircases and tilting them to a high degree to get around tight corners or into lifts.

Thankfully this practice is fast becoming a thing of the past thanks to the unique sub-tank and modular chassis system introduced into the Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-Series and TX series of Canon large format printers, potentially saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds over the life of your large format printer if a site relocation or two are required.

Design Supply’s trained technicians are able to help you by following a unique procedure that drains the full ink-lines back into the sub-tanks for later use, the sub-tanks can then be removed from the machine for transport. Once the printer has been placed in situ at it’s new location, the sub-tank assembly can be reconnected and the ink lines re-primed, ready to print…no mess, no hassle, no waste.