Graphtec CSX530-09 Large Format Scanner (36 inch/A0)


The Graphtec CSX500 Series is a CIS scanner, ideal for fast, high precision, high quality, A0 size colour scanning. The Graphtec CSX500 Scanner Series scans colour A0 documents in as fast as 15 seconds and features 48-bit Graphtec proprietary colour matching technology delivering accurate colour reproduction and uniformity.

Whether an Artist, Architect, Engineer, GIS professional, Archivist, Administrator, you can scan civil engineering survey drawings, urban planning drawings, maps, site plans and apparel patterns with the Graphtec CSX500 Scanner Series and achieve excellent image quality and productivity. No need to send out for scans, as they can be done in house, quickly, and at your own convenience. Available in three configurations: CSX510-09 (entry level: 600 dpi, 24-bit colour scanning at 1.2 inches/sec), and CSX530-09 (standard: 600 dpi, auto detection, 24-bit colour scanning at 3.3 inches/sec) and the CSX550-09 (fast and high resolution:1200 dpi, auto detection, 24-bit colour scanning at 4 inches/sec).

At Design Supply, we work closely with Graphtec to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximise your opportunities. With over 28 years of experience in the large format scanner and printer market, we offer expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.



The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner features Graphtec’s proprietary LUXios engine, delivering high speed, high image quality and excellent colour reproduction. By combining the fastest face-up feed speed with optimised 64-bit technology, total throughput time is improved. The resolution of the sensor output has been expanded to 48-bit and Graphtec proprietary colour matching technology enables production of images with accurate colour and uniformity. The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner supports sRGB and Adobe RGB colour space for wider colour production. Graphtec’s newly designed digital processing system reduces the RGB colour shift that typically occurs between 200 and 300 dpi, which means high-quality images are available at fast scanning speeds.

The Graphtec CSX550-09 features Graphtec proprietary high-precision paper feed technology and a 1200 dpi optical resolution sensor which enables the highest resolution scanning. Scanning speeds for all three models, using an A0 size document at 400 dpi are as follows:

High Speed Normal High quality
CSX510-09 mono/gray 16 sec 30 sec 31 sec
CSX510-09 colour 44 sec 85 sec 86 sec
CSX530-09 mono/gray 7 sec 12 sec 13 sec
CSX530-09 colour 17 sec 31 sec 32 sec
CSX550-09 mono/gray 7 sec 11 sec 12 sec
CSX550-09 colour 15 sec 28 sec 29 sec

The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner includes Scanning Master Pro Color software, which improves productivity when editing and managing files. Scanning Master Pro Color software includes file management and file sharing features such as linking, auto de-skew, auto de-speckle, background colour suppression, re-touching and deleting, together with search function, thumbnail view and display tree of image files. Scanning Master Pro Color software is compatible with GIS and CALS/EC editing applications.

Scanning ART for WIN software is also included with the Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner. Scanning ART for WIN enables scanning, printing, and copying. In the Scan mode, the software features batch scanning, allowing selection of document type, size and shading. In the print mode, files can be selected and freely enlarged or reduced and number of copies can be selected. There are a total of 21 file formats available, including BMP, TIFF, PCX and JPEG. Easily configured for customised settings such as colour or monochrome, document type and size, print size and number of copies, Scanning ART for Win software makes an existing large format printer work like a large size copying system with the Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner.


The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner features three models: the entry level CSX510-09, with 600 dpi optical resolution and 43 seconds/A0 scan time; the standard CSX530-09, with 600 dpi optical resolution and 17 seconds/A0 scan time; and the high quality, high speed CSX550-09 with 1200 dpi optical resolution and 15 seconds/A0 scan time. The CSX530-09 and CSX550-09 support interpolated resolution of up to 9600dpi. The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner creates large-format colour scans of up to 36.7 inches wide from a scanning document width of 10.1 to 38.0 inches (257 to 965 mm). The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner features face-up document feeding and accepts a media thickness of 0.05mm to 1.6mm. Document feed reliability with the CSX500 Series scanner is a given, with Graphtec’s mechanism supporting the underside of the document, allowing the sheet guides and document hold, feed roller and pinch roller to work optimally.

The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner features Graphtec contact image sensor (CIS) technology with and LED (R/G/B) light source. There are five A4 sensors arranged in a staggered pattern, supporting 48-bit/pixel in colour, and 16-bit/pixel in grayscale. The sensors in the CSX510-09 and CSX530-09 feature an optical resolution of 600 dpi and the CSX550-09 features an optical resolution of 1200 dpi. The CSX500 Series Scanner features an enhanced gray scan mode, which optimises the triple sensor light to produce the best light for scanning documents.

The Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner features two scanning modes, Scan only and Scan and File, and is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista. System requirements for the software include a CPU Dual Core or high grade, 3.0 GB memory or more, HDD with enough space for storing scanned image data, and a monitor with 1024 x 768 or more, true colour display.

Optional accessories for the Graphtec CSX500 Series Scanner include a stand, additional calibration sheets, and A0 and A1 carrier sheets (not included with the CSX510-09), and a large format printer and service and support.

As you would expect from Graphtec, reliable performance is a given. Count on dependable support to create the best image possible from Graphtec and Design Supply. Ask us at Design Supply, and we can tailor the best solution possible for your needs.


Graphtec CSX530-09 Scanner

CD-ROM (User manual and Scanning Master Pro Color, Scanning ARTS2 for Win)

User manual

Document guide

Cable clamp

USB cable

Calibration sheet

Documentation support plate

Carrier sheet

Cleaning paper

Power cord

Software included:

Scanning Master Pro Color (for image editing)

Scanning ARTS2 for Win (for colour copying)

Optional Accessories:

Stand: ST0074

Carrier sheet AO: IS0922

Carrier sheet A1: ISO908

Calibration sheet: IS0932

Cleaning paper: EM-CP


Graphtec CSX500 Series Large Format Scanners Data Sheet


Graphtec Corporation, formerly Watanabe Instruments, manufactures input and output devices in Japan, with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Australia. Founded in 1949 the company released its first plotter in 1961.


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