Canon imagePROGRAF iPF830 Large Format Printer


Market and Applications and who uses this type of large format printer

Canon’s new imagePROGRAF iPF830 44″/ 5-colour large format printer with high capacity Hot Swap ink tanks, 320GB HDD and a built-in accounting software is designed for the AEC, reprography, CAD, GIS, Poster and In-House Print markets. The iPF830 delivers premium quality to high volume continuous print environments.

The imagePROGRAF iPF830 is the latest technical perfection for the Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Mechanical CAD, Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries. Architects, engineers and construction firms can produce plans in exceptional detail with precise line rendering. Mechanical CAD engineers can create photorealistic visualisations of plans in applications such as AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop or Pro/Engineer and bring them to life quickly with exceptional quality. GIS specialists can render complex “what-if” scenarios using maps, seismic analysis data or images from satellites. Even with huge file sizes generated, the imagePROGRAF iPF830 can handle your demands with accurate colour and exceptional line rendering.

Design Supply, an Accredited Canon Large Format Solutions Partner, works closely with Canon to provide the best solutions available to get the job done for your business and maximize your opportunities. With more than 25 years of experience in the large format printer market, Design Supply offers expertise and knowledge in tailoring the exact solution for your specific application.


Key features of the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF830

The iPF830 44″ large format printer features Canon’s unique 5-colour dye and pigment reactive ink system which produces the sharpest, thinnest lines and the improved magenta ink makes the red gamut even better. Designed specifically for CAD & GIS applications, a minimum line width of 0.02mm can be achieved with a range accuracy of +/- 0.01%. This unique formulation improves ink adhesion to the media and minimises colour bleeding. This means clearer text, smoother curves, and sharp fine lines even on uncoated technical papers. Using reactive inks also improves scratch and marker resistance so prints are far more durable than those printed with conventional dye inks.

The iPF830 produces 2400 x 1200 dpi and produces A0 draft prints in just 42 seconds. Higher capacity Hot Swap ink tanks now available in both 330ml and 700ml, reduce the frequency of ink replacement, support high volume continuous printing, and reduce the cost per millilitre of ink, reducing total cost of ownership. Hot Swap ink tanks allow ink cartridges to be replaced during printing for maximum productivity. Improved magenta ink expands the colour gamut and produces clearer red text and lines in CAD drawings, architectural renderings, posters and POS displays. The internal hard disk drive in the imagePROGRAF iPF830 has 320GB HDD and 32GB of buffer RAM, offering much more storage for print jobs.

Printer driver flexibility for the imagePROGRAF iPF830 addresses the needs of a diverse range of users. The iPF830 includes Direct, Print & Share, the Print Plug-in for Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint and an AutoCAD optimisation module. Print Utility for iPad and Oce Publisher Select will be available from Autumn, 2015.

Canon’s Direct Print & Share utility, the popular workflow software bundled with the iPF830, featuring collaboration and printing via the cloud. Print a host of file types without needing an application, upload and download file for immediate sharing, with easy access even from mobile devices. Supporting a broad range of cloud providers, Direct Print & Share contains a ‘Shortcut’ feature. The ‘Shortcut’ print feature extends the capability of being able to print without opening files by allowing users to print automatically to pre-defined settings, by just dragging files into a ‘Shortcut’, which suits environments where automation and centralised control of printing are essential. ‘Shortcut’ also saves time and effort and allows batch printing of multiple file types. Canon’s Direct Print & Share utility allows printing HPGL/2 easily, as well as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, CAD & GIS drawings and general graphics

A Printer Driver Optimization Module for AutoCAD is included with the iPF830, so HP-GL/2, HP-RTL files are easy to print, including the ability to set palette and pen settings, for the most demanding CAD workflows.

Downloadable Canon imagePROGRAF iPF830 Large Format Printer


More information on Canon imagePROGRAF proprietary technologies

Canon imagePROGRAF CAD & GIS (5-colour) wide format printers use a number of advanced Canon proprietary technologies to achieve fine lines, small text and highly detailed graphics produced with incredible accuracy and sharpness.

FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) print-head technology for 5-colour imagePROGRAF printers features a total of 15,360 nozzles into a 1″ high density print head. Bi-directional printing design of the imagePROGAF printers means print times are significantly faster than conventional print systems which require multiple passes for each line to compensate for uneven droplet size and placement on the paper. An innovative ink-nozzle manufacturing method results in precisely uniform 4 picoliter droplets resulting in 2400 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi) and outstanding print performance.

Canon’s CAD and GIS (5-colour) range of imagePROGRAF iPF830, iPF840, and iPF850 printers feature a 5-colour dye-and-pigment reactive ink system designed specifically for the CAD/GIS market featuring a new high chroma magenta ink, for enhanced colour reproduction and more vibrant results for the indoor poster and POS printing environments. This unique formulation improves ink adhesion to the media and minimises colour bleeding. When black ink intersects with coloured ink (for example, words printed on a colour background) the black and cyan inks induce a chemical reaction that prevents black from bleeding into the colours. This means clearer text, smoother curves, and sharp fine lines even on uncoated technical papers. Using reactive inks also improves scratch and marker resistance so prints are far more durable than those printed with conventional dye inks.

The CAD & GIS (5-colour) range of imagePROGRAF printers utilise two types of black ink for the best possible results on all types of media. For photo-type a black ink (BK) is used and for high contrast prints on matte paper, a matte black (MBK) is used. This process ensures smooth graduations across every media type and is highly efficient as the relevant ink is automatically selected for each media type.

Canon’s advanced L-COA (Large Format printer Common Architecture) image processor delivers faster high-quality output and print optimization. L-COA helps your printer carry out the most complex print jobs – where files can often exceed 200MB – with ease.



  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF830 printer with stand and basket: 005C003AA
  • 1 x Print head PF-04
  • 1 x set starter ink tanks (C,M,Y,Bk – 90ml/ MBk – 130ml)
  • 3 inch core adapters
  • Setup guide
  • A2 Calibration sheet
  • User software CD-ROM (Mac & Win)
  • Announcement of LFP Survery program
  • Safety/Standard Environment leaflet
  • PosterArtist Lite leaflet
  • PosterArtist Lite software CD-ROM
  • EAC leaflet
  • Quick guide
  • Product security/environment regulation manual
  • Printer STand Setup guide
  • EU/UK power cord
  • 12 months on-site warranty

Software included:

  • Canon Printer Driver
  • Status Monitor/Print Monitor
  • ExtraKit-Free Layout and iR enlargement Copy
  • Printer Driver Optimization Module for AutoCAD
  • Media Configuration Tool
  • Poster Artist Lite (PC only)
  • Print Plug-In for Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint (PC only)
  • Direct Print & Share Utility
  • Custom Installer Creation Tool


  • Roll Holder Set (2-inch core spindle with 3-inch media tube attachment and borderless printing spacer): RH2-44: 1465B012BA
  • Stand/Basket: portable basket: BU-03: 1480B002AA
  • Media Take-up Unit: TU-06 (TU-06 cannot be used with Basket BU-03 at the same time): 1709B001AB
  • PosterArtist v 2.5: 7025A040AB


  • Matte Black Ink Tank 330ml: PFI-307MBK: 9810B001AA
  • Black Ink Tank 330ml: PFI-307BK: 9811B001AA
  • Cyan Ink Tank 330ml: PFI-307C: 9812B001AA
  • Magenta Ink Tank 330ml: PFI-307M: 9813B001AA
  • Yellow  Ink Tank 330ml: PFI-307Y: 9814B001AA
  • Matte Black Ink Tank 700ml: PFI-707MBK: 9820B001AA
  • Black Ink Tank 700ml: PFI-707BK: 9821B001AA
  • Cyan Ink Tank 700ml: PFI-707C: 9822B001AA
  • Magenta  Ink Tank 700ml: PFI-707M: 9823B001AA
  • Yellow Ink Tank 700ml: PFI-707Y: 9824B001AA
  • Print Head: PF-04: 3630B001AA
  • Maintenance Cartridge: MC-10: 1320B014BA


Downloadable Canon imagePROGRAF iPF830 Large Format Printer

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