Professional proofing solution

Power – Innovation – Flexibility – Ease of use

PowerProof is an easy and powerful software to make quality proofing. The ideal solution for:

  • Graphics
  • Prepress service
  • Tipographers

PowerProof integrates the most advanced version of our linearization system, developed for the new 12 colors iPF printers, it is common to all the highest level versions of our products. It’s based on a very large LUT that manages in the same time, the Ink limitation, the usage of the RGB inks, their linearization and the separation Light-Dark. This new system offers many advantages like: larger Gamut, better shadings, more trustworthy colors, better details, and it also allows a complete control over the light inks allowing to choose how to use them. The usage of Device-Link technology allows PowerProof to reproduce easily certified proofs (thanks to the PowerCertifier module) and very high quality prints on all the applications requiring it. The PowerProfiler module creates Device-links that allow the user to reach a precision as high as that of much slower and complex systems that use iterative methods. The RIP can be completed with several additional modules, such as:

  • Power Profiler: Allows you to generate profiles of high quality from the RIP.
  • Power Certifier: Specific module for the certification of prints.

Interactive working space

  • Compatibility to most used grahical formats
    PS Level 3 interpreter and HP-GL2 (.plt reader)
    Cutting and nesting on the work space
    Print without lenght limits
    Management of 30 queues/Hot Folders, possibility to work in “Queue Mode”

Powerful calibration tools

  • Multichannel linearization procedure, that manages all the inks of the printer, to achieve the best quality
  • Full flexibility in the choice of the number of the inks (CMYK – CMYKcm – CMYKcmkk – CMYKRGB …)
  • Integrated black generation system
  • Optional module for the creation of profiles and Device-Links

Powerful color management

  • Integrated system of advanced CMS, compatible with the ICC Standard version 4.2
  • Use of technology “Device-Link”
  • Management of different ICC profiles (Input and Output) for every image on the nesting and different “Color Spaces” in the same image
  • Color correction independent on each picture, curves of output with preview

Proofing oriented tools

  • “Power Profile Editor” with selective color correction
  • Remote Proofing based on the multichannel linearization
  • Direct interface to Gretag and X-Rite instruments

“Profile Test” (soft proofing)

  • You can have a double preview of the image, with the reference profile only or applying also the media profile, to check the color fidelity
  • You can also compare two different reference or media profiles