HP ePrint & Share

HP ePrint & Share is a collaborative Web printing solution that lets you create, print, share and manage digital content from a simple user interface. Is built around a secure online library you can access from anywhere.

  • Create, print and share .PDFs from one integrated screen. Instead of working with multiple interfaces, you can now create a .PDF from the same screen you use to print. The instant you hit print, HP ePrint & Share creates a print-ready .PDF and saves a copy to your personal online library.
  • Get accurate print previews. Say goodbye to fiddling with page settings and printing multiple test pages. With HP ePrint & Share, you can see what your pages look like onscreen before you print, for perfect printouts every time. Print anywhere there’s a Web connection. You can connect to HP ePrint & Share from any PC with a Web connection. Once yore online with HP ePrint & Share, you can print to any HP Designjet printer.
  • Share files and manage reviews without email or FTP. HP ePrint & Share lets you share files without the hassle of large email attachments. Is also more convenient than FTP, because it stores all the files you share and keeps track of who has viewed them.
  • Access HP ePrint & Share from AutoCAD. HP ePrint & Share includes a special plug-in for AutoCAD users that lets you access key features from your AutoCAD menu.
  • Access HP ePrint & Share from Microsoft Office. You can also download an HP ePrint & Share plug in for Microsoft Office. It lets you print AutoCAD files directly from Microsoft Outlook and easily print large-format files from PowerPoint and Excel.

With HP ePrint & Share, you can:

What is HP ePrint & Share?
HP ePrint & Share is a Web solution that lets Designjet Users create, print, share and manage content online. In one tool and with only a few clicks, users preview and create PDF versions of prints, save them online and share them with project teams.

Users are able to access this content everywhere they are at any time, easy re-print it or print it remotely. At the same time, the whole project team can share files in a very easy way and all can work with the latest versions faster.

What is HP ePrint & Share for AutoCAD Users?
For AutoCAD users, an HP ePrint & Share plugin is available that integrates the service into the CAD application. It simplifies printing complexity and offers only in one step:

  • Print preview.
  • Page presets directly imported from your existing ones.
  • Automatic PDF creation while you print.
  • Direct uploading of files to the HP ePrint & Share library, for reprinting,remote printing or sharing with project teams.

Who should use HP ePrint & Share?
This service has been designed for Architects, Engineers, Constructors and Designers, working in small and medium businesses. They can work on collaborative projects in a mobile style and with little IT infrastructure.

HP ePrint & Share makes it fast and easy to publish and access prints and printers anytime, anywhere, keeping mobile and remote project teams literally on the same page.

Does HP ePrint & Share work with all the HP Designjet Portfolio printers?
It provides a list of benefits to all HP Designjet Printers: printing directly from AutoCAD, having real file previews, creating a PDF version while printing, saving content online and sharing with partners.

Whenever the user needs to do “Cloud Printing” directly from the printes front panel, then is a must to have a Web-connected printer available.

Does HP ePrint & Share work with small-format printers?
Not at the moment. The service supports HP Designjet printers only.

Does HP ePrint & Share work with other brands of printers?
HP ePrint & Share and the HP Printing Experience are optimized for HP Designjet printers. Other brand-printer users will be able to leverage some parts of this service, but in this case it will be through the traditional workflow and with additional complexity.

Can I use HP ePrint & Share for printing only, without sharing? Yes. You can download only the HP ePrint & Share printing tool and experience the benefits of direct access from AutoCAD, real file previews, creating a PDF version while printing and saving a copy of this content in the local network folders.

How is printing with HP ePrint & Share different from printing with a driver?
HP ePrint & Share offers:

  • A print preview: where you can see how the print will render on paper on a specific printer.
  • Simple layout settings: including rotation, scaling and clipping preview to help users save time.
  • Multiprinter capabilities: one tool for all HP Designjet printers, avoiding the need to install multiple drivers.
  • Automatic creation of PDF file version, enhancing the opportunity to save print-ready files online and share them with project teams.

What is a print-ready file?
A print-ready file contains page settings so it can be printed in one click, without drivers or applications needed. It will be always printed as the author intended. Both PLTs and PDFs are considered print-ready files.

If HP ePrint & Share is a Web service, why do I have to install software on my PC?
Installing software on your PC helps to streamline your printing or sharing experience, like right-clicking on files instead of having to browse and upload. It is a small one-time action to make your workflow simpler and faster from now on.

Why do I have to register to use HP ePrint & Share?
Whenever you want to save content online In your HP ePrint & Share library, a user account is needed. It helps to identify you and guarantee data security.

When I share files with my colleagues, do they have to register to download or print them?
Yes. It is a professional service and the files shared are business-sensitive. For this reason, it requires everyone printing or downloading a file to be registered. It also helps file owners to track who has access and is working with their files.

If I already use an FTP or file-sharing site, can I still use HP ePrint & Share?
HP ePrint & Share is designed to create print-ready files and to connect them to project teams and printers, all in one tool. If you are already using a file-sharing site or FTP, HP ePrint & Share can help you during the printing process (real file preview, easy page settings, create PDF version while printing) and afterwards save this content locally and upload it to the sharing site or FTP.

How much does HP ePrint & Share cost?
HP ePrint & Share basic version is free for any HP Designjet user.

Can HP ePrint & Share be accessed from a mobile phone?
HP ePrint & Share launched version is still not available for mobile phones. You will be able to print from your mobile device to any Web-connected HP Designjet printer soon.

What is a Web-connected HP Designjet printer?
It is a printer that can process files directly from the Internet. It avoids downloading content to your PC for printing. Main advantages are:

  • Printing on the go.
  • Printing and scanning to the cloud directly from the printer’s front panel.
  • New functionality available and content access from Internet.

Is HP launching a Web-connected printer?
Yes. On the 1st of November 2010, HP is launching the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP, the first Web-enabled eMFP at a breakthrough price.

Can my HP Designjet T2300 eMFP scans be sent to HP ePrint & Share for sharing or later reprint?
Soon the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP will be connected directly to HP ePrint & Share. It allows users to scan directly to the cloud and share this content faster with project teams, and also reprint as required.

Is HP ePrint & Share available for Enterprises?
The HP ePrint & Share basic version is developed for the needs of small and medium businesses. This version is not yet ready for major enterprises.

Will there be ePrint apps?
HP is working with a select group of developers to add more print apps. Customers will be able to select print content with customized messages directly from the touch screen.

Will be HP ePrint & Share accessible from the Web-connected Printers?
We are developing “Cloud Printing” capabilities directly from the front panel. The HP ePrint & Share icon will appear in the printer’s front panel, alongside the Print and Scan icons.

How different is HP ePrint & Share from a standard content repository?
HP ePrint & Share is optimized for the Architects, Engineers and Constructors market and for their specific needs of printing everywhere and sharing day-by-day content for designing and publishing their projects.

The main purpose is to reduce traditional workflow complexity and save time in our customer printing and sharing processes. It is not a matter of just offering them a place in which to store or share their projects.

HP intention is to offer our customers a unique printing experience with HP Designjet printers, easily moving the content online to a large-format printer.

How do I print with HP ePrint & Share?
To make it a truly swift experience, service is present in all the situations where you need to print:

  • When working on a new document with your regular applications (AutoCAD or MS Office), use the Print option in the File menu. (File > Print > HP ePrint & Share).
  • Right-click the file (Right click > HP ePrint & Share) when:
    • Receiving a file attached to an email.
    • Browsing network file folders.
    • Accessing a file on an FTP or Web file-sharing service.

Why do I sometimes get PDFs and sometimes PLTs in HP ePrint & Share?
PLT is an original print language from HP. HP ensures that this file will always print consistently on any HP printer, with a truly simple and instant experience.

HP ePrint & Share will always create a PLT, except when printing from AutoCAD with ePrint & Share, when it will create a PDF, as AutoCAD can directly “print to PDF”.

Can HP ePrint & Share manage other types of files beyond PDF or PLT?
The service is optimized for print-ready files such as PDF or PLT. It means you are always only one click away from a printout, anytime and anywhere.

However, users can share all kind of file formats. Projects involve not only PDFs but also word processor documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos and so on.

These other kinds of files will need to be downloaded and opened in the corresponding application in order to be printed.

What other file types is HP ePrint & Share optimized for?
It is also optimized for MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Is HP ePrint & Share available for Mac users?
The HP ePrint & Share basic version supports Windows only, although a Mac OS user will be able to access shared files.

What is the HP ePrint & Share library capacity?
Each user account has an allowance of 5 GB. Our market research and beta test program gave us the insight that it is enough to start adopting the service and using it.

In the future we are planning to develop more premium functionality that will give our customers the opportunity to use more storage space.

In any case, our customers always have information on available capacity and the opportunity to manage and remove obsolete content.

Which versions of AutoCAD are supported with the plug-in?
HP ePrint & Share supports AutoCAD versions from 2007 until 2011.

For AutoCAD 2007, 2008 and 2009 versions, we recommend also having Adobe Acrobat Pro installed.

What is it a promotional code?
You might find some promotional codes from HP ePrint & Share in several HP Designjet marketing activities or communications. It is a way of identifying you as a user that has some relationship with these kind of activities. This promotional code can be redeemed only at the time of your registration to HP ePrint & Share library, and it can be used only once. Simply enter your own promotional code in the field, and it will automatically associate you with some special marketing activity.

Who has access to my files in HP Designjet ePrint & Share?
When you upload new content to HP Designjet ePrint & Share (by printing or sharing) only you, and the people you have explicitly shared the content with, have access to this content.

This access control mechanism is on an event-by-event basis, meaning that if you share something with someone, this person will have access rights only to the content of that specific sharing event.

You can also revoke access to an specific user at any time.

Do HP support personnel have access to my files?
No. The support personnel have special account privileges to help in troubleshooting any issue you may have, but they dot have access to download any of your files.

As part of the normal service operation, HP performs regular backups of your data, these automated backup processes are the only ones that have access to your files, but just for backup purposes.

Where are my files stored physically?
HP Designjet ePrint & Share is hosted in a 1st class datacenter. Physical access to these premises is strictly controlled and restricted. Only employees who have a legitimate business need can access the datacenter.

All the computers hosting the HP Designjet ePrint & Share service are protected by a multi-tiered firewall, all the systems are constantly monitored and intrusion detection tests are run periodically.

The computers proving the storage (where your files reside) have additional levels of security and isolation, both physical and logical, even from other services hosted in the same premises.

Is my personal data safe when I register at HP Designjet ePrint & Share?
Yes. HP takes security and data privacy very seriously. HP will not sell, rent or lease your personal information to others.

You can review the entire HP Online Privacy Statement at

Does HP own my files or has any right to them?
No. You retain all the ownership, and any intellectual property rights you may have, to the files you upload to HP Designjet ePrint & Share. By providing the service, HP does not obtain any special ownership or rights to these files.

In order for HP to be legally capable of making backups of your data and perform certain actions (generate a preview, etc.), you grant to HP the right to use the files, solely for the purposes of providing the ePrint & Share service.

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