How To Get Your Ink and Repairs Easily

The Design Supply and Service for Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers is the cost-effective service based on your ink use, and frees you up to focus on the efficient running of your business.

With automatic ink replenishment, in-depth monitoring and the highest levels of support and maintenance, the Design Supply and Service is based on billing you for the millilitres of ink you use each month.

The printers are linked to a secure system, allowing the service state and usage to be remotely monitored. Whether you have one printer or an entire fleet across multiple sites, the system will alert us when your inks and maintenance cartridges are low so they can be automatically replenished.

The system also constantly monitors for errors and warnings and general service state, to allow fast diagnosis of problems and the scheduling of routine maintenance. Every fifteen minutes, we’ll receive information about the state of your devices. If there’s an error, a notification is sent to our support team. If you need any consumables, we’ll dispatch them with a next day service.

For construction companies, you’ll see a reduction in costs, due to predictable ink costs per millimetre used. In retail, you’ll see increased productivity because of the automatic maintenance and replenishment. For healthcare and other public services, you’ll benefit from the small amount of downtime and the proactive service and support.

In order to keep your peace of mind, you can use our secure portal to view key information regarding your large format printer. There, you’ll find the latest errors, warnings, ink levels, and top media.

In Short, Benefits include:

You pay only for the ink you’ve used.

Predictable costs, smooth cashflow

Automatic ink and maintenance cartridge replacement, no waiting, no paperwork, no downtime

Diagnosis and preventative maintenance

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