How Schools Can Use A Large Format Printer

Delivering the best teaching experience at the right price is a priority for schools these days. By utilising large format printing, you can deliver fun, engaging lessons and boost the morale and engagement of your students.

Bringing a large format printer in-house is a cost-effective way of taking control of your lessons, decorating your environment, and giving you complete flexibility.

Visual Learning

A 2015 study found “creating creative posters for a lesson, discussion, or example as part of this lesson helps students develop their critical thinking skills”. Stock posters have been used in schools for years to deliver information in a fun and engaging way, and to brighten up the classroom environment.

However, if you want to truly increase the interest and retention of your students, then making custom visual aids is the best way to go. This will deliver the best pupil experience, cost savings and streamlined workflow over time, with the control given over to the teacher.

Some ideas include:

  • Gold star charts tailored with each pupil’s name.
  • Large maps for geography and history lessons, with relevant areas marked out.
  • Design process graphics for tech classes specific to a project.
  • Calendars in staff areas to plan lessons and timetabling.

These can all be made into templates, which can then be adapted term after term, therefore streamlining your workflow in future.

Promoting school events

Creating an amazing community spirit in your school is so important to inspire your students to do their best. When your school wins a sporting competition, puts on a brilliant play, or creates a brilliant project, you can commemorate the moment with a long-term display that will motivate your pupils for years to come.

By creating lively and exciting banners you can also promote upcoming events, with large format displays certain to grab the attention of your entire student body! Graphics printers allow you to create amazing quality, vibrant images to really show off what your school is capable of.

Cost Effectiveness

It’s never been easier to take control of your school’s environment. While in the past it may have been necessary to go to external companies and services to receive top quality printing, that’s no longer the case.

With the use of existing templates and easy to use programs, it’s a simple process to make stunning designs. You can customise your materials to make them specific to your school with just a few clicks. Canon PosterArtist ( comes free with your large format printer, giving you the power and flexibility you need.

Rather than spending your budget outsourcing your operation to a printing company, you can dramatically increase your turnaround speed. No waiting and budgeting if something changes about an event, you can simply make the changes yourself and create a new batch.


There’s no need to worry about your large format printer being misused. Modern machines come equipped with a range of security measures to make sure that only the right documents and right people are using them.

This includes a pin lock to make sure that only authorised people can use it. You can also see a full print history to check every document coming out of your large format printer. These measures make sure your investment is safe.

Design Supply and Service

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